Republicans ask Ohio GOP to adopt Republican National Platform

NoPlatform2What do Ohio Republicans stand for? What are their moral and social values? If we elect them, what type of legislation will they pass? What can we expect if we recruit, work for, and elect Republicans? To what standards do we hold our Republican representatives?

All of this should be defined in the Ohio Republican Party platform, if they had one.

Years ago, the Ohio GOP dropped their platform and has been running on “We need to elect more Republicans.”

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sponsor-logo-citizens-for-community-values_400_400_70Citizens for Community Values Action is deeply concerned about the potential leadership choices for the Ohio State House.  Our research into the voting record of some of the Representatives proposed for the leadership team, rightfully raises questions about their qualifications for leadership roles.  Their voting records should also cause concerns for many elected House members who ran as conservatives in the November election, particularly if they ran as social-conservatives. Continue reading

Cromnibus Post Analysis . . .

ZawistowskiTomWhile we are right to be frustrated, and even angry, about the votes people we elected cast in the House and the Senate on the Cromnibus bill, AND the National Defense Authorization Act, it is critical that we accept that this is NOT the new Congress we elected in November. This is essentially the Congress we elected in 2010 which is still a minority in the Senate.

That being said, did we really expected them to vote any differently? Have we not been saying for over a year that we will not get the governance we seek, until we have people in those chairs casting the vote who share our values and principles? Well a lot more of the people who share our values and principles will be taking those seats come January. Continue reading

Rep Brown and Rep Sears vote NO on Heartbeat bill

Brown_SearsTim Brown (OH3) and Barb Sears (OH47) joined 9 other Republicans and voted NO on the Heartbeat Bill.  Both Sears and Brown ran as Conservative, Pro life candidates, but as the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words”.

Their actions yesterday spoke volumes.

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Rep Sears not listening to District 47 regarding Common Core

SearsStopCCSources in Columbus have told the Toledo TEA Party that our 47th District Representative Barbara Sears was telling other legislators this week that “no one in my District is against Common Core.”

Nothing could be farther from the truth as we know Rep Sears received the numerous invitations over the past 18 months to attend Common Core events, sessions and seminars sponsored by Toledo Tea Party, NW Ohio Conservative Coalition, Toledo Catholics Against Common Core, Ohioans Against Common Core, We will Not Conform,  and others. Continue reading

Separation of Church and State? No, Thank You.

Dr. Durant TTPDr. Romulus Durant, Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools was our special guest at the Monday night Toledo Tea Party meeting and he spoke to the group about a vision that he has for TPS which will positively impact the lives of the entire community.  While it is no secret that the membership of Toledo Tea Party has been active and vocal about what is going wrong at TPS, we also recognize a good idea when we hear it and as a people who are both vocal AND active we believe it is our responsibility to be part of the solution.  The solution here is an alliance between churches and schools.

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Akron, OH – Ohio Citizens PAC President, Tom Zawistowski, called the latest Redistricting Reform Proposal being discussed in the Ohio House “self-serving” and “anti-voter.” Zawistowski said “Claiming that they are acting out of fairness and in the public interest, this self-serving plan is really intended to allow the party in power to control it’s members, by punishing those who do not get in line, by redistricting them out of office.

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