Voting machine errors not reported during testing, entire May 6th election thrown out.

VotingMachineDid that title get your attention?

Read on.  This is not a conspiracy theory, but could have been reality had it not been for one person who was willing to step up and say “No, this is wrong”.

Yesterdays Secretary of State “Transparency Committee” hearing included testimony from a Board of Elections employee that should have every voter in Lucas County concerned, and demanding an immediate investigation.

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Photos -NWOCC “Taxed Enough Already” Party rally – Perrysburg

Supporters of all ages showed upPerrysburg, OH.   The weather was beautiful on Saturday fro the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition’s 5th annual Tax Day Rally.

This years event coincides with the annual April 15th deadline for filing taxes, and the Easter weekend.  Many families were traveling or home preparing for family activities that normally accompany Holy Week and Easter Sunday…. Continue reading

138 of Stainbrook Central Committee candidates request absentee ballots

AbsenteeBallotAbsentee ballots are being requested by Stainbrook/Gallagher Central Committee candidates in unprecedented numbers.

Many of these candidates are also first time voters. Stainbrook not only collected the 5 signatures to get these candidates on the ballot, he also submitted their voter registration cards, signing them up as new voters.

Aren’t the Central Committee people supposed to be the “Mr or Mrs Republican” in their neighborhoods?

If so,  why didn’t these candidates collect their own signatures, AND, why have some of these Stainbrook candidates only voted twice in their lives, both times absentee, once in the primary of 2010 and again in the primary of 2012….  Continue reading

Stainbrook / Gallagher mail deceptive post card to Republican voters

Stain_GOP_Postcard_Front_NA_SMALLToledo, OH – Today, Bill Delaney and Diana Skaff,  Lucas county candidates for Republican State Central Committee in Senate District 11, challenged mailings by the Ohio Republican Party supporting their opponents, Jon Stainbrook and Meghan Gallagher, claiming that if elected they “will fight Obamacare.”…. Continue reading

Top 10 reasons to vote Democrat in 2014

Top10DemocratI received this in an e-mail, no idea who the originator is, but this needs to passed on.

Top ten reasons to vote Democrat:

10. I’ll vote Democrat because I can’t wait for college football season to be delayed or cancelled because the student athletes are union employees….. Continue reading



state post cardYesterday when going through our snail mail I had a major eye roll.

It was one of those major league ones where my aged mother would say, don’t do that or your eyes will get stuck in that position.  Why one might ask I was risking a trip to the eye doctor?  Because the Ohio State Republican Chairman spend money on a post card, telling us to vote, for a local form of mediocrity, for State Central Committee…. Continue reading

Delaney thanks Transparency Committee for helping clean up Gallagher’s mess.

Delaney_Library_SmallWe received this press release from Bill Delaney yesterday following the Board of Elections meeting.

Mr Delaney has been a regular at the BOE meetings and is probably one of the most knowledgeable Republicans on the inner workings of One Government Center…. Continue reading