Latta Reintroduces Bipartisan Legislation to Keep Internet Open, Accessible

FCC_LogoWASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH), Vice Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Communications and Technology Subcommittee, today reintroduced bipartisan legislation to ensure the Internet remains open and free from government interference by limiting the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) authority to regulate broadband under Title II of the Communications Act. The FCC has stated it plans to reclassify broadband Internet access as a public utility under Title II rather than an information service. Continue reading

Toledo Tea Party hosts statewide hands-on media workshop

MediaWorkshop_1At the end of the day, the groups had a fully functional web site that was interconnected to their Facebook page, their e-mail provider, their Twitter account, and even other web sites that could re-post articles.

29 group leaders from across Ohio took part in last weekends Hands On Media workshop.

Conservative groups, Political Action Committees, and Veterans groups came armed with laptops, cameras, usernames, and passwords to spend the entire day learning how to expand their audience and get their messages out.

The 10 hour workshop was hosted by Toledo Tea Party, the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition, and Ohio Liberty Coalition.  Instructors John McAvoy, Diana Skaff, and other volunteers from Toledo Tea Party  tag teamed throughout the day helping the attendees bring their electronic media on line . Continue reading

Black Pastors stand with Israel

BlackCaucausWhen 9/11 occured, Bill Clinton said he knew exactly who did it.

So why did we have to wait until 2,000 Americans lost their lives until someone did something about it?

When I heard the Congressional Black Caucus cooperated with the White House on plans to walk out on the speech to Congress from Israel’s Prime Minister, I knew we had to do something about it. Continue reading

Message for Moderate Republicans

Moderate RepublicansIt seems to be a resounding message from the moderates within the Republican Party that we, as Republicans, “need to be for something and we can’t always be against things.” This is the dividing line where I believe ideology differs.

I believe, as a conservative, that being for reducing the size and scope of government, ridding overhead, and eliminating regulation and laws is a platform-what I mentioned is standing for something. Continue reading

Consequence for Republican Betrayal Far Exceed Consequences of any DHS “Shutdown”

McConnellMogadore, Ohio – The Portage County TEA Party Executive Director, Tom Zawistowski, made clear today that the consequences for the Republican betrayal in the Senate will far exceed the consequences of any DHS “Shutdown”.

Zawistowski explained, “Senator McConnell and his ilk in the Senate need to clearly understand that the betrayal of all of their campaign promises, the betrayal of the very Oath of Office he himself swore just weeks ago to defend the Constitution, and the betrayal of the base of the Republican Party by allowing 5.5 million illegal non-citizens to acquire social security numbers and drivers licenses so that they can vote Democrat in coming elections, will result in the loss of the Senate and the White House in 2016. Continue reading

Miami County School superintendent – How much of a bad thing is a good thing?

dunnTesting is a major component of the new, untested  Common Core standards that schools across Ohio are forced to implement (so much for local control). As more school systems look closer into these standards, many are realizing that Common Core isn’t what its being advertized.

We are pleased to see school administrators stepping up and voicing their opposition. These are bold and risky moves as many remain quite, in fear of their jobs, school funding, retribution from unions, and many other factors. Continue reading

Firelands school board VP responds to Gov Kasichs support of Common Core

FirelandsLogoAs more Ohio schools to realize what Common Core means to them,  they are beginning to show their opposition to it.

This is a letter written by Firelands School Board Vice President Benjamin Gibson.


The Honorable John Kasich
Governor of Ohio
77 South High Street
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6117 Continue reading