Ohio GOP and Gov Kasich ignore law, slap in the face to Lucas County Republicans

Kasich-BorgesThe Ohio GOP has slapped every law abiding Republican in the face with its decision to ignore the law and double down its support of Jon Stainbrook who is under criminal investigation for alleged election tampering.  Yes, this is the same Jon Stainbrook who was fired from the Board of Election three months ago.

Ohio GOP Chairman Borges and Governor Kasich have chosen to ignore the law rather than face the embarrassment of their poor choices.  What were their poor choices?  They backed and supported a County Party Chairman who has shown continuous contempt for the Republican Party and the process of the law. Continue reading

Hundreds Attend Statewide OLC Meeting – Pictures

OLC_Meeting_FBHundreds gathered near Columbus on Saturday, July 26th, for Ohio Liberty Coalition’s statewide meeting “Reload 4 Liberty 2014.” It was an action packed event featuring speakers on a wide array of topics. Kicking off the meeting, Ohio Liberty Coalition President, Glenn Newman said, “The Mission Statement of the Ohio Liberty Coalition is to unite, inform, and empower Ohio freedom-loving groups and citizens to affect policy in favor of liberty…Today you are going to hear from […]

Phil Gramm Advocates for Tried and True Policy of Health-Care Freedom

Unknown-5Ohio Project volunteers will enjoy reading Phil Gramm’s July 24th editorial in the Wall Street Journal.  Mr. Gramm offers Republicans a strategy for defeating Obamacare, one that Ohioans know is popular with a wide sector of the population – allowing people to choose (or not to choose) their own health-care coverage.  Gramm writes, “…there is one unifying principle that Republicans can and should rally around now:  the right of American families to choose their own […]

Liberty leaders from across Ohio attend one day event

OLC President Glenn Neuman and Kirstin HillLewis Center, OH – Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend an outstanding event with over 300 wonderful Ohio Patriots. I journeyed south to the Columbus area to hear from a dozen or so speakers on a variety of topics affecting our state and country. This event was titled “Reload 4 Liberty” sponsored by the Ohio Liberty Coalition.

It was a beautiful summer day and these folks gave up time from family, friends, weekend chores around the house or a relaxing day off work to gather together. We were to be informed of issues important to our state and country. Continue reading

Stainbrook too “busy” to attend BOE meeting

AUG_22_2014_BOE_2This is an historical day for Lucas County Board of Elections.  A very ugly chapter that began several years ago has been closed and a new chapter has been opened.

Before the meeting started I had a few moments to welcome the members. I know them personally and reassured them they were a perfect fit and well qualified for the job ahead of them.  I also paid a visit to the third floor to pick up a PI request, the folks on the 3rd floor are all excited and smiling, I haven’t seen this in years. Continue reading

Parents from all political persuations unite, Common Core is not about education

Aug22_WWNC_1Parents from all political views gathered Tuesday night across the nation to come together and learn important facts about a common theme,  Educating their children.

More and more parents, teachers, and school administrators are seeing first hand what Common Core is. The more they see how and what is being taught to our children, the more they are becoming alarmed and want more information on the exactly what this thing “Common Core” is,  and what they can do to stop it in their schools. Continue reading

Appeals Court Ruling Exposes the Lie of the Affordable Care Act

images-14Liberty-minded folks should take heart that the fight against Obamacare and for health care freedom is far from over.  Two conflicting appeals court rulings were handed down today which show that the Affordable Care Act is not settled law by any stretch of the imagination. In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit ruled that the tax subsidies which make the insurance premiums on the Obamacare exchanges affordable to average […]

TEA Party Demands that Senator Portman Renounce Support for Cochran in Mississippi

Portman_CochranSenator Rob Portman lost a great deal of credibility with Ohio Conservative, Liberty, and Tea Party groups when it was revealed that his “Promoting Our Republican Team” PAC, contributed $25,000  in  support of Mississippi Senate Candidate Thad Cochran. Continue reading