Motion submitted to remove Boehner as Speaker of the House

MarkMeadowsThis has been in the news for the last few hours but Bill Yarbrough from the Ohio Republican Liberty Caucus just sent us the full text of the Resolution. This resolution was submitted by Rep Mark Meadows (NC-11) Please contact all of our Ohio Representatives and tell them that you support Rep Meadows resolution. This resolution must go through committee where it will probably die.   Whereas the Speaker of the House of Representatives for […]

Letter to US Rep Bob Latta (OH 5)

IranDealThe Iran deal stinks,  whats worst,  our representatives tied their own hands when they gave Obama permission to act unilaterally.

THIS HAS GOT TO STOP .  We send our representatives to DC and Columbus to represent us,  not squander their authority to another branch of the government. I encourage everyone to contact their representatives,  by phone, e-mail, or mail.  Let them know what you think about this.

Robert Vincent gave us permission to re-print this letter. Continue reading

Kasich’s run is good news for Ohio’s Conservative voters

SplitVote11Last week Ohio's Gov John Kasich announced his decision to throw his hat into the race for president,  and his announcement has Conservative voters across Ohio jumping for joy.   REALLY ?????

It's not what you think.  :-)

Toledo Tea Party Chairman, John Mc Avoy:

"I normally don't put a lot of value in polling numbers and survey analysis. More often than not,  these polls are conducted by the various media and news outlets for entertainment value to satisfy the needs of their audience. But there's something different happening in this election. We see a unique metric in the numbers that's never existed in an Ohio election. Continue reading

Prof Lee Strang talks about Supreme Court rulings

Strang_2_600Professor Lee Strang, provided a very detailed insight into two recent Supreme Court rulings,  Gay Marriage and Obamacare.

The packed house paid close attention as Prof Strang lead us through the backgrounds and history of those judges who made these decisions. And he believed they overstepped their constitutional authority in changing the meanings of the laws that were passed rather than interpreting them.

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The best 18 minutes of my life just happened on the US Senate floor


Many of us have been fighting on the grass roots front for years.  The most frustrating of those times is when we work our butts off to get someone elected because they say their going to fight.   After we get them elected,  they not only DON'T fight,  but they actually sign on and help with the progressive / liberal movement to the left.

After a few days of putting up with some of Ohios Establishment Republicans whining and crying as to why I spend all my time working against their republicans instead of fighting Democrats,   I had formulated my thoughts into nice expressible words: Continue reading

Ohio Conservatives United launches similar program in Florida

Ohio_Florida_LogosProgram that started in Ohio is being adopted in Florida.

Conservative groups across Florida band together to launch Florida Conservatives United

TAVARES, FL/TOLEDO, OH - July 23, 2015 - Florida's Conservative, 912, Liberty, and Tea Party groups and their members now have a method of talking to each other about candidates and unity in the March 15, 2016, “Winner Take All” Florida Presidential Primary. Florida's North Lake Tea Party leaders Andy Dubois and Carol Knighton agree that Florida, Ohio and all the states have the same problem."If conservative voters don’t unite behind one of the conservative candidates in the upcoming primaries, we lose; and ultimately the American people lose!" Dubois said. Continue reading

Marijuana Legalization Amendment falls short of required signatures

signing_petitions-300x225Of the 660,190 signatures submitted by Opportunity Ohio, only a meager 276,082  (42%) were verified as valid by the Sec of State. On July 20th, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted certified that ResponsibleOhio has failed to meet the necessary requirements to place their proposed constitutional amendment, titled “Marijuana Legalization Amendment,” before voters on the November 2015 General Election Ballot. Petitioners were required to submit at least 305,591 valid signatures, a number equal to 10 […]