Being PolicyFluid in Amherst Schools

2000px-A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain3.svg_Amherst Schools are walking a fine line by promoting the transgender agenda with regard to bathroom rights, while at the same time never voting on an actual policy change to codify those rights. This issue became front and center when President Obama and the Department of Education posted a “Dear Colleague” letter informing schools that students must be allowed to self-report their gender. It claims that if a school does not treat the student by […]

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The Nanny State and Payday Loans

After new regulation, as much of 80 percent of the loan volume could be curtailed.

Workplace Freedom collects signatures at Freedom Works Columbus event

FW_RTW_1_600Over 150 folks attended the Freedom Works meetup at the Ohio Convention Center in Columbus, Oh on May 21, 2016.  Lots of new people to the patriot movement attended.  A few members of the state wide group that are collecting signatures for the Workplace Freedom Amendment had a table set up and collected over 100 signatures from all over Ohio. Presently our processors are still counting petitions and collecting info to determine which counties have […]

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WorksWithOrganizations-940x350NWOCC's mission is to support conservative candidates and causes through education, marketing and fundraising. We do this without any paid staff and are able to keep our costs very low. Many of the activities listed below are free or very low cost to attend. We are in need of donations to continue to do the basic activities of the PAC (such as a website, email lists, booths at local fairs, etc.). We appreciate the support from many of you in time, talent and treasure. If you are able to contribute financially or can help us with your time or talents, please accept our thanks. You can donate online at our website or by mail a check to NWOCC, Jeff Lydy Treasurer, 4035 Forest Glen, Sylvania, OH 43623. We are currently planning a fundraising banquet with a nationally known speaker in early August. Continue reading