Annual Membership Renewal Time

join_renew_membership_iconYes, it Annual Membership Renewal Time.

Our Activist members are the foundation of our organization, they support us financially, but more importantly, their dedication and hard work are what moves our organization.

10 cents a day – We are asking you to become part of our Activist team.  It starts with a small commitment of your time and just 10 cents a day. Continue reading

Black Conservatives Critique President Obama’s State of the Union Address

P21_martink Washington, D.C. – Commenting on President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address tonight, members of the Project 21 black leadership network saw a presidency lacking new ideas that suggested Obama may be “running out the clock” on his presidency without much vision but with plenty of continued class warfare and big government rhetoric.

“President Obama really did not offer anything new in his address to Congress. All he did was present the American people with the same old clunker policies sprayed with a new car scent,” said Project 21 member Kevin Martin, a small business owner and Navy veteran. Continue reading

The “Black Lives Matter” Slogan Ignores Self-Destructive Behavior

21_GreenProject 21 Contributor Derryck Green

“Black Lives Matter” is a great slogan. As a black man, I agree that black lives matter just as much as the lives of any of our racial counterparts.

But chanting, marching and hashtag activism isn’t going to work unless we also are willing to see the big-picture problems affecting black America.

Here’s a hint: making black lives matter has little to do with institutional racism, white privilege and white cops. Continue reading

Majority of Republican Central Committee members recruited by Stainbrook didn’t vote in November Election

Stain_LCRPRepublican Governor John Kasich and  the Ohio GOP may not care that over half of the Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee (LCRP-CC) members recruited by Jon Stainbrook did not vote in the November General Election.

This is the quality of Chairman Stainbrook reign over the Lucas County Republican Party: Half of the people he recruited didn’t even vote in November (see list below)

If you’re a loyal Lucas County Republican concerned with the future growth and welfare of the Republican party, this should be alarming. Continue reading

Over half of Stainbrook Republican Central Committee members do not vote Republican in November Election

Stainbrook_KasichRepublican Governor John Kasich and the Ohio GOP may not be happy to hear that over 1/2 of the Republican Central Committee members that Jon Stainbrook recruited  in Lucas County didn’t vote for him in the November General Election

How do we know Stainbrook’s people didn’t vote for Governor Kasich?

DPU Performance Audit shows a lot of room for improvement

DPU_PAJohn McAvoy chaired a committee last year on the proposal of conducting a Performance Audit of Toledos Department of Public Utilities (DPU).  Although that report doesn’t cover all of the detail Mr McAvoy would have liked to see,  it does show extensive work is need to bring the DPU under management and operations.

Schumaker & Co. of Ann Arbor was selected to do the study at a cost of $150k. The 164 page Draft report identifies many items and makes recommendations to mitigate the issues it discovered. Continue reading

Green energy subsidies drives up costs of energy

GreenEnergyOhioA quick survey of what is happening around Ohio provides ample evidence of windy pronouncements from politicians, hot air from the Van Wert Chamber and some blowhards at the PUCO state hearings on First Energy’s electric security plan.

Last night, Governor Kasich celebrated his inauguration.  In his inaugural speech he called out the values he believes must serve as Ohio’s foundation.  In response, the Toledo Blade ran an Editorial in which they said: “The governor also extolled Ohio’s traditional spirit of entrepreneurship as an engine of the state’s economic comeback. He warned that the state cannot get left behind in embracing innovation. Continue reading

Garaway Schools Ohio adopts resolution against Common Core

A-Resolution-against-Common-CoreGaraway School District, Sugarcreek, OH: Jan 12th, 2015

Why would a school system that is rated EXCELLENT throw out their current standards and then adopt, untested, unproved, standards where the cost of implementation isn’t even known?

Tuesday night, the  Garaway School Board meeting passed a resolution against Common Core.

The Republican National Committee has a resolution against Common Core,  But the Ohio GOP has no such goals or platform.  In fact,  They even went to the trouble of killing legislation that would have repealed Common Core in Ohio at the end of the 2014 Ohio Congress. (Click here to read article)

From the language in the Garaway Resolution, it appears they did their homework, and know that Common Core does nothing to improve the quality of education.

Text of resolution *** Continue reading