Help Wanted – Republican Poll Workers Lucas County

help_wanted1Gina Kaczala and Dan DeAngelis put out the call for Lucas County Republican Poll workers again at yesterdays meeting.

PLEASE,  PLEASE call their office and tell them your willing to work the day.  You will go thru one day of training (you get paid for this also) and a day at the election polling location.

I’m betting the only requirement is you must be Republican,  I bet if you live in Wood County,  this is probably OK.

Call Gina or Dan,  make sure you tell the receptionist why your calling, as Gina and Dan are hectic busy getting ready for the primary.

(419) 213-4001  CALL NOW

Delaney thanks Transparency Committee for helping clean up Gallagher’s mess.

Delaney_Library_SmallWe received this press release from Bill Delaney yesterday following the Board of Elections meeting.

Mr Delaney has been a regular at the BOE meetings and is probably one of the most knowledgeable Republicans on the inner workings of One Government Center…. Continue reading

Stainbrook Republican Central Committee members endorse “uh, (pause) uh, kasich or something”

StealingElection_Part5“We voted for endorsement for ah, someone  (pause)  Kasich or something.”

Stainbrook’s Central Committee member has no idea who or what a “Kasich” is.

Stainbrook’s Central Committee member has no idea what the job of a Central Committee member is…. Continue reading

Oregon Republican Club Candidate night – Stainbrook a no-show

MarvinBalknapOregon Republican Club (ORC) President Marvin Belknap opened up the meeting and thanked the Candidates who took to time to travel to the far eastern edge of Lucas County to make their campaign pitch to voters.

Mr Belknap introduced key members of the ORC and pointed out that the ORC has been around since early 2000′s. Mr Belknap jokingly said the ORC doesn’t get a lot of publicity because we’re  “Way out in the sticks”…. Continue reading

Stainbrook / Gallagher submitted 274 Central Committee petitions, none of the candidates collected their own signatures

CentralCommitteeBuild_2Did Stainbrook and Gallagher recruit candidates whose only job is to vote for them at the next re-organization meeting?

Or, did they recruit Republican go-getters who will take on the job of a Central Committee members,  working in their neighborhoods to build a strong foundation for the future of the party.

Sadly, the evidence points toward the first, Stainbrook and Gallagher are more interested in building their own personal empire, than they are building a base for a strong Republican party…. Continue reading

Fallen Timbers Republican Club hears from Candidates and elects new officers

FTRC_APR_14_2Fallen Timbers Republican Club held their monthly meeting with about 30 people in attendance.

Scott Allegrini and Barb Sears , the two District 47 candidates were the main attraction for the evening.  Tom Troy, from the Toledo Blade was introduced as a visitor, and was there to cover the meeting, Thank you Mr Troy…. Continue reading

Bring Your Legislator to Class Day – 500 attend forum on Common Core

CC_Forum PACKEdCommon Core – The Capstone of the Federal Education Takeover.  Its not about Education,  its about control.

An estimated 500 people attended, “Bring Your Legislator to Class Day” in Columbus on Wednesday evening (April 9th). Thank you to those who helped promote the event by giving it over a thousand social shares online.

The forum was moderated by Seth Morgan, a former Ohio House member, and author of the new book: It’s About Liberty, Stupid!: Understanding and Embracing the Forgotten Secret to America’s Success. Ted Stevenot put up all the photos and a brief story.  CLICK HERE