IMPORTANT – Please take this survey regarding the We the People Convention

Unknown-52016 We the People Convention Survey What this Survey is about: We are considering holding a We the People Convention in Columbus, OH, the weekend of July 29th & 30th. We are asking you to take this survey so that we can determine YOUR level of interest in attending such a Convention. A Convention is more than a State Meeting. It includes training, organizing, debates, discussions, as well as world class speakers. It’s goal is to […]

Sign Petition demanding Chairman Borges resign.

Petition_46798490_sLast fall, the Ohio Republican Party updated the party bylaws and filed them with the Secretary of State. (CLICK HERE).

The 66 member State Central Committee that you and I elected, voted and approved these bylaws. These are the rules the Republican party operates under in the state of Ohio.

Yet in March of this year, one man,  the leader of the party Chairman Borges, chose to spit in the face of the 66 members, He chose to disregard the rules,  and unilaterally spend hundreds of thousands of Republican party money,  Not to defeat Democrats,  but to defame and defeat fellow Republicans.

Leadership that does not follow the rules of the party must be removed from the leadership roll and be replaced by leaders that will work for the people who elected them, the 66 member board.

We will be  submitting a petition to the 66 member board asking them to either demand Mathew Borges resign,  or  the 66 member  board remove him from power.

Read and sign the petition:

CLICK HERE to add your name and message to this petition.

Ohio Republican Party Organization Meeting set for Friday, Apr 29

OhioGOPThe Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee will be holding its first meeting with the new elected members.  This meeting is open to the  public, and we are encouraging everyone in Ohio to attend. We will be very, very curious if Chairman Borges will be held accountable for his violations of the party bylaws,  or whether the committee will close their eyes to this irresponsible actions (SEE HERE) ***************************** MEMORANDUM TO: Members of the Republican […]

The NEW Ohio Republican Party starts today

Accountability_25893963_sThe following Thank You letter was sent to all State Central Committee candidates who dared fight the Establishment.


To all Republican Party State Central Committee candidates;

Over the past 4 months, The Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee has had an infusion of Accountability. That infusion was provided by every one of you who sacrificed your personal lives and at your personal expense. Because of that infusion, every one of you are a winner. Continue reading

Complaints filed against Ohio GOP Chairman Borges for unauthorized use of Party funds, members demand he resign.

BorgesResignToledo, OH - Members, Incumbents, and candidates of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee joined together today to demand the immediate resignation of Chairman Borges following the disclosure unauthorized use of party funds and resources.

As per Ohio Republican Party bylaws, funds or resources cannot be used to "...attack any other Republican." in a primary election. According to information contained in the letter, 6 instances of "Attack on fellow Republicans" are documented. Continue reading

Conservative State Central Committee Incumbent fighting back against Republican Party intimidation and bullying

OHGOP_DeclaresWar_BurkholderOhio Republican State Central Committeeman Gary Burkholder (31st District, Licking County) stated today in a press release, “Enough is enough!” I will no longer ignore the lies and personal attacks by Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges.”

Burkholder is running for re-election to the Ohio Republican State Central Committee for the 31st District which includes Licking, Perry, Coshocton, Holmes, and Tuscarawas Counties. Continue reading

Kasich / Ohio GOP pay for hit piece post card against conservative challenger to the State Central Committee seat

GOP_BULLYWendy Sizemore is being bullied and intimidated by Gov Kasich and the Ohio Republican Party because she DAREs to challenge the Ohio Republican Party by running for State Central Committee District 17.

This is another reason why Trump, Cruz, and the other non establishment candidates are doing so well. Gov Kasich and the Ohio GOP use Republican party assets and resources to bully, intimidate, and trash any fellow Republican who dares challenge or question the Ohio Republican Party. Continue reading