Lucas County Republicans turning to other organizations for support and leadership

Post card deceptive to RepublicansSeveral months have passed since Ohio GOP backed Jon Stainbrook was able to block any and all Republicans who opposed him.  The result?  Once again Stainbrook named  himself as Chairman of the failing Lucas County GOP.

Lucas County Republicans, Libertarians,  Independents, and Conservatives are finally coming to the realization that unless they are willing to match Mr. Stainbrook’s unethical and unorthodox methods of getting himself elected,  he’ll continue to reign over the dwindling, failing, and abandoned Lucas County GOP for the foreseeable future. Continue reading

Farmers, Ranchers, Lawmakers Concerned Over EPA’s Latest Attempt to Define “Waters of the United States”

th  Back in June, The Hill reported on a proposed EPA rule which lawmakers on both sides of the aisle worry could mean an expansive power grab for the feds and the loss of personal property rights for farmers, ranchers, and other property owners. The proposed rule known as Waters of the United States (WOTUS) seeks to establish which bodies of water are subject to regulation under the Clean Water Act (CWA).  The definition of […]

Bedford Property Owners circulating petition against Road Tax


Want to put an end to the $75 special assessment road tax before it can be enacted by the township board? We must get signed petitions ASAP from every property owner in the township. If your property has 2 signatures on the deed we will need both people to sign the petition to count toward your property. Continue reading

Wood County Democratic Club sponsors Common Core presentation

CC_PburgA few nights ago I went to an “unbiased” presentation on common core by Dr. Roger Minier and hosted by the Wood County Democratic Club. If you hadn’t guessed already the presentation was not very unbiased. Mr.Minier or Roger had claimed to leave the presentation opinion free but took the opportunity to lace the speech with his very own opinion and frame the debate in favor of common core. Continue reading

Ohio Teachers Win Class Settlement Against OEA and Regional Affiliates

thScore a win for the little guy.  The Sidney Daily News reports that 14 Ohio public school teachers won a federal class action settlement against the OEA and 11 of its regional affiliates for overcharging non-full-members and illegally directing the funds to political activities.  As per U.S. Supreme Court precedent, unions cannot force non-members to contribute to a union’s political advocacy or other non-bargaining activities. In addition, the OEA’s regional affiliates were collecting compulsory fees […]

Common Core Isn’t Free: How Much Has Your School District Spent?

An important, but unreported aspect of the Common Core debate is the amount of local taxpayer resources – both in terms of money and man hours – school districts have expended implementing the Common Core Standards. The 2009 federal stimulus bill offered states and local school districts the opportunity to compete for Race to the Top (RTT) grants to help pay for innovative education reform initiatives.  What was not well publicized was that in order to […]

NWOCC / Toledo Tea Party needs help at Harrison Rally Days

NWOCC and BGSU RopublicanToledo Tea Party Activist – This is the perfect event for the entire family,  You’ll have fun,  AND, this event counts toward your “Activist” membership in Toledo Tea Party.

For the past several years,, the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition has had a booth and marched in the parade at the annual Harrison Rally Days.  We need to participate in this event to show our support for NWOCC and fellow conservatives .   Continue reading