STEP 1 – 200 years ago – Declare your Independence – We will read it.

declaration-facts-wideAre you fed up with whats going on in our country and don't know what to do?
Your first step should be to hear the words written 200 plus years ago, and you'll realize these people were facing the same problems that we are today.

On Saturday, July 4th, at 10 am, You can hear the Declaration of Independence  read, in its entirety.  (This takes about 30 minutes) .  If you bring your children,  they will hear the words,  but may not understand them.  It will be up to you to later in the day explain what those words meant 200 years ago,  and how they are just as important today. Continue reading

How Classical Catholic Education Can Save Catholic Schools

ParentsUnitedOn Wednesday evening, July 1st,  The Toledo Catholics for Classical Education is hosting a speaker event at the Sylvania Public Library.

Mr. Maltbie, a graduate of MSU and MSU College of Law and Headmaster of Sacred Heart Academy, a K-12 diocesan classical Catholic school, in Grand Rapids, MI. will be the speaker. Continue reading

Ohio Precinct Project coming to NW Ohio – This is a must

cropped-Ohio-Precinct-Project-2On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the Ohio Precinct Project's event in Troy, Ohio.

I've been working with Ted Stevenot and the Ohio Precinct Project on the possibility of them doing a similar event here in NW Ohio. Continue reading

This is a sad day for the Establishment Republicans.

LipService_GOP_1This is sad, sad, day for Establishment Republicans.

They were counting on the robes to strike down Obamacare. DARN, now the Republicans are back in the hot seat and need to figure out their next strategy on how to make good on the election promises they made to their base: Repeal Obamacare in its entirety.

To date, they have paid nothing but lip service to this promise: They have taken a vote 46 times to repeal it when they knew the vote was meaningless (but it looked good back in their districts). Yet when they had an one opportunity to stop Obamacare in its tracks with the power of the checkbook, they chose to squander that opportunity and instead fully funded Obamacare.

Establishment Republicans - In the words of my father:

Its time to S*** or get off the pot.

Supreme Court rewrites “in-artfully drafted” Obamacare law to fix it

The Justices of the US Supreme Court sit for their official photograph on October 8, 2010 at the Supreme Court in Washington, DC. Front row (L-R): Associate Justice Clarence Thomas,  Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy and Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Back Row (L-R): Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice Samuel Alito Jr. and Associate Justice Elena Kagan.   AFP PHOTO / TIM SLOAN (Photo credit should read TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images)

PREFACE - Having read the entire 47 pages, I found this brief clear and concise.  Every word and every sentence was important and had meaning (I wish I could write like this).  This made it very difficult to pull out specific language or sentences to highlight points.  I encourage everyone to download, print, and read this document.

This courts decision will forever taint the integrity of the Supreme Court. It should serve to emphasize the importance of how these judges get their job, and  the vetting and approval process they are subjected to. These 9 people are appointed to this office for the rest of their lives. Continue reading

I will not accept 80% – I want 100%

OhioGOP_80PercentI'm tired of the establishment Republicans telling me that if I like 80% of the candidate, then I should jump in and give 100% support - BULL CRAP.

I want 100%.  When I hire an employee,  we define the job,  I don't want it 80% complete,  I want it 100% complete.

When I hire someone to fix my roof,  I want 100% fixed, not 80%

When I buy a new car,  I don't want a car that only 80% of the stuff works,  I want ALL of the car to work.
Continue reading

Portman says YES to giving up the power that we elected him to uphold.


Photo Credit: John Nicksic

Sen Rob Portman voted YES moves the FAST TRACK bill one step closer to allowing President Obama to authorize ALL trade agreement treaties.

We are very disappointed in Sen Portman's stand on this,  We view that Sen Portman gave up the very power that we elected him to uphold by giving negotiating authority to the President for several years — not just President Obama and not just for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.  When Sen Rob Portman voted YES on this bill he fails to perform THE Constitutional role of the Congress — to act as a Check and Balance on the Executive Branch. Continue reading