National Fraternal Order of Police union endorse Trump

fop-starYesterday,  the national Fraternal Order of Police made it official that they endorsed Donald Trump.

A big question for Toledo's police force,  will the Toledo Police Patrolman's Association (TPPA) also endorse Trump?

The following is the text from the FOP: Continue reading

Trump center opens to serve Lucas and Northern Wood county

trumpcenterpburg_600GREAT NEWS for Trump supporters in Lucas and Northern Wood County.  A new Trump center to service all of Lucas county and the northern Wood county has just opened in downtown Perrysburg.

Stop by,  Diana Watt has thousands of Trump yard signs,  plus signs and literature for almost all of Lucas and Wood county candidates. Continue reading

Marion GOP Chair Matthews fired from $104k state job for doing party business while at work

johnmathews_1Marion County GOP Chairman John Matthews was fired from his state job late Thursday following the release of  an Investigation report from Ohio's "Office of the Inspector General".

On December 1, 2015, the Office of the Ohio Inspector General received an anonymous complaint alleging that Industrial Commission of Ohio (ICO) Director of Claims Support John Matthews “… spends his workday sleeping and fundraising for the Kasich campaign.” On December 11, 2015, the Office of the Ohio Inspector General forwarded this allegation to the ICO for an administrative review. Continue reading

Back to Basics – Separation of Church and State: Myths, Fallacies and Fantasies

BacktoBasicsBack to Basics Chairman Bob Densic announced that the group has formed a three session class titled; "Separation of Church and State:  Myths, Fallacies and Fantasies”

Mr. Densic says the three sessions will examine the history and original intent of the phrase “Separation of Church and State”, as well as tour through history to see how this simple principle has been turned and twisted to be the antithesis of its origin.

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Reuters Intentionally Cuts Camera Feed

trump.jacksonAll those liberal commentators said Trump doesn’t really care about black Americans because he didn’t go speak to a black audience. So, when he went to a black church in Detroit today, what did they do? They cut the broadcast feed, because they wouldn’t want any blacks to hear the truth and start to ask questions right? Right? See both Videos   [LINK] Share this great event with everyone…  

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NWOCC panel discusses why conservatives should / should-not support Trump

Trump_Strang_AllegriniOn Monday night,  the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) hosted a panel discussion as to why Conservatives should, or should not, support Donald Trump.

The standing room only event was opened with a prayer from Greg Schlueter and the Pledge of Allegiance from Ron Johns.  NWOCC Board member John McAvoy then made a brief announcement regarding conservative unity.

John McAvoy said:  "Regardless of your position on Trump support,  we, as a conservative community must NOT allow our differences of opinion on this matter to drive a wedge between us.  We have to many other issues that need our attention, and the only way we can continue our fight is, we must present a united front on these other matters." Continue reading