Toledo Public Schools passes”NO PARCC” resolution

l_parccHere is a few paragraphs about the Toledo Public School (TPS) board meeting yesterday.

I attended the meeting yesterday and it was very exciting. The Toledo Public School Board passed a resolution to pause the new Common Core tests known as PARCC. Board members unanimously approved their message to the state.

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Lucas County Property assessment challenge deadline is March 31st

PropTaxLucas county property owners.  Are you aware that you can challenge your properties assessed value.  This is the value that the Auditors office uses to determine property taxes against your property.

If your assessed value is higher than it should be,  your paying more taxes than you should be.

Challenging your property value could save you hundreds of dollars a year in taxes.  This is how you do it:

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Convention of States – Ohio – Have you signed

ConventionOfStatesIf you haven't gone to the Convention of States website to sign the petition, what are you waiting for???  Ohio is poised to sign and join the Convention of States project but they need a big grassroots push to get it done.  Governor Kasich has said "Sign them all" so let's get this one done!  Your signature on the petition on their website means it will go directly to your state Senator and legislator so they know that people in their districts supports this movement!
Come on OHIO!

What is Title V?

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Delta Airlines solutes a fallen soldier

DeltaSolutesDelta Airlines baggage handlers in Atlanta.  As you watch the video, notice the people up in the terminal building  in the background. Most people have no idea Delta does this.

This soldier was a K9 solder with a dog trained to find IEDs.  The second small coffin is that of the soldiers dog.

Hats off to Delta for doing this.

Stephanie Kreuz – Heritage Action #MakeDCListen

2015_Mar_TTP_2I'd the privilege to attend the Toledo Tea Party March meeting, in which the speaker was Stephanie Kreuz, Midwest regional coordinator for Heritage Action For America.

Stephanie addressed a room full of conservative citizens from the Toledo area. At this meeting we were encouraged to keep up with what our local, national and state elected politicians are doing. Stephanie proceeded to encourage us to make our voices be heard, so that we can make a positive difference in the way our politicians vote. #MakeDCListen Continue reading

It’s Time to Vacate the Speaker’s Chair

Red StateIn 2014 Conservatives worked hard to conservative Republicans to Washington DC to fight back against the onslaught to our nations very foundation by the current Administration.

We woke up the following morning to the news that the Republican Party now held majorities in both the house and the Senate,  and were now positioned to do battle. In January, Speaker Boehner was given a second chance by the House  and was elected Speaker. There was hope at last that the fight would begin. Continue reading

Latta Reintroduces Bipartisan Legislation to Keep Internet Open, Accessible

FCC_LogoWASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH), Vice Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Communications and Technology Subcommittee, today reintroduced bipartisan legislation to ensure the Internet remains open and free from government interference by limiting the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) authority to regulate broadband under Title II of the Communications Act. The FCC has stated it plans to reclassify broadband Internet access as a public utility under Title II rather than an information service. Continue reading