Dinner with Representative Jim Jordan

JimJordan_1Those who love this nation and want it to flourish and prosper often feel like it is us against the world and there is no help or hope in sight. We go through election after election getting our hopes up that maybe this time, the person we elect will be THE ONE who stands up for us and our nation. Often our hopes are dashed-the promises made and Oath of Office becomes a distant memory, but Representative Jim Jordan is different. Continue reading

Representative Jim Jordan interview with Scott Sands talking about the Tea Party

Join Jim Jordan for dinner on October 28th.  Tickets on sale until 5 pm October 23rd.



Fitzgerald calls attention to Tea Party President Ann Becker being ejected from Kasich Rally

featured_get_the_gearI just received the following e-mail from “Team Fitzgerald”.

Even Fitzgerald is now asking why Ann Becker,  tea party president and a Butler County voter,  was ejected from a Kasich Rally yesterday when she wanted to ask Gov Kasich his position on Common Core. Ann Becker was wearing a coveted “Ohioans Against Common Core” shirt when Kasich Security approached her and escorted her to the exit.

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Toledo Tea Party Gun Raffle Fundraiser

Card_GunThe Toledo Tea Party is raising funds through a gun raffle. It’s fun and simple, this is how it works:

We start out with a plain ole deck of playing cards. You purchase one card ($20.00 each)  from the deck of 52 cards. We cut that card in half, you write your name and phone number on one half and give it back to us,  you keep the other half, as you’ll need it to claim the prize after the drawing.

When all 52 cards in the deck have been sold,  we’ll make the announcement that we will hold the drawing at our next monthly meeting. ( You do not need to be present to win) Continue reading

Lucas BOE needs Republican Poll workers for November Election

Lucas_BOE_EarlyVoteI talked to Lucas BOE Director Kaczala yesterday and she asked me to spread the word that Lucas County is in need of Republican Poll workers for the November Election.

As most of you know, Lucas County is made up largely of Democrat voters,  so the BOE has an abundence of them,  but they  always seem to fall short of procuring Republican Poll workers for elections.

You must be a registered Republican who has voted and pulled a Republican ballot to be eligible.

Contact Tam Wilson at the Board of Elections.  She can fill you in on the details.  (419) 213-2644

Common Core Protestors In Lorain County Get Their Message Across to Kasich

images-14Common Core opponents are making some noise and getting noticed – so much so that Governor Kasich felt compelled to address his position on Common Core at a campaign stop in Lorain County. The Toledo Blade reports that Governor Kasich noticed “a handful of sign-carrying protestors outside the windows” and responded as follows, “The high standards that have been set were set by experts across the country, not in Washington.” “These are people who understand […]

Candidates and issues are topic at October meeting

Latta_Jordan_1Although the October meeting focused on candidates and issues for the upcoming November election. One of the big announcements was the dinner with Congressman Jim Jordan. CLICK HERE for tickets and details.

The main focus was the upcoming election,  several spokesman for levies presented their  information and answered questions regarding their position on three School Levies that voters will face .  Springfield, Perrysburg, and Toledo.

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