Conservatives launch campaigns for Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee in all 66 seats

SCC_MAP_SQUAREToledo, OH - Republican voter frustration is evident by the phenomenal rise of "outsider" and "non-establishment" Republican Presidential candidates.

This frustration extends itself into the core of the party, all the way down to the foundation. In videos released in recent weeks, Ohio's Republicans can see how the party State Central Committee (SCC) no longer represents the people. Moral values like, Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability have been set aside and replaced with "We must win the election, no matter what." Continue reading

Stainbrook declares War-on-Wagoners, nominates Mark Davis for Lucas BOE

WagonersStainbrook declares War on Wagoner's.

Stainbrook has a grudge against the Wagoner family and is using Mark Davis as his pawn.

Mark Wagoner Sr. (right) who sits on the Lucas County Board of Elections, and Mark Wagoner Jr (left). who is the Ohio GOP State Central Committee Representative (SCC) for District 2 (western part of Lucas County).

Mark Wagoner Sr.

Stainbrooks war on Mark Wagoner Sr. began when he was appointed to fill the unexpired term on the Lucas County Board of Elections after Sec Husted fired Stainbrook and two other board members.  Mark Wagoner Sr.'s term expires this spring and it'll be up to the Sec Husted to either allow Wagoner Sr. to continue or replace him with someone who is nominated by Jon Stainbrook. Continue reading

Sen Cruz remains #1 choice for Ohio’s Conservative voters

GT_Q1_JANOhio Conservatives United (OCU) just posted the January numbers.  For the 9th month in a row,  Ohio's Conservatives have indicated they like Sen Cruz  the best.

The polling by over 60 conservative groups and organizations started last May and has continued on a regular basis.  Since the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition started this program last May, Cruz has consistently maintained a hefty lead over the other candidates.

OCU Spokesman John McAvoy says: "Early voting starts in two weeks. Every voter I've talked to knows if we split our vote,  we lose.  Its time to start thinking seriously about uniting behind a candidate,  AND, spread the word to those who understand the only way we can win is to unite." Continue reading

Are you supporting Stainbrook or working to get rid of him

Stainbrook_For_AgainstAre you attending Stainbrook's dinner on Feb 6th (LCRP Lincoln dinner)?  If so,  then you're proclaiming to Lucas County Republican voters that you support Stainbrook,  and will help him maintain his rule over the LCRP that he hijacked 6 years ago.

Just to review, this is what you're supporting when you attend the dinner,

After four years of creating chaos at the Board of Elections, Stainbrook was fired from the Board by Secretary of State Jon Husted.  If you attend the dinner, you're funding Stainbrook's legal battle against Husted.

Continue reading

Speech by Conservative Republican SCC candidate going viral

LindaObrien_YouTubeLinda O'Brien, by her own definition, is just an average Ohio Republican voter who just got fed up with the Ohio Republican parties lying, cheating, corruption, bullying, and no accountability for their actions. So, on December 15th, Ms O'brien did like dozens of fellow conservative Republicans, she filed her paperwork to run as a State Central Committee member in Senate district 18.

Last Week, Linda O'Brien spoke about her life, her upbringing, and about the corruption she's seen in the Republican Party. She explained why shes running, and what she'll do when she gets elected.

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Ohio GOP fails to purge Conservative SCC members from March 15th ballot.

GOP_PURGEThe Ohio Republican party State Central Committee’s (SCC) attempt to purge Conservative Republicans ran afoul for the second time in as many weeks. Last night the Marion County Board of Elections announced that Lisa Cooper will remain on the ballot as a viable candidate for the Republican Party State Central Committee District 26 (SCC26). The Ohio GOP’s purge attempt started three weeks ago, when the SCC voted to endorse themselves for re-election. After a slanderous  […]

Ohio GOP declares War on Ohio’s Conservative Republicans

OHGOP_DeclaresWarAs we welcome the new year, county Board of Elections (BOE) have released the candidate lists for who appears on the March 15 ballot. National attention is on the Presidential races where a phenomenon of dissatisfied Republicans has launched conservative candidates into the top 5 rankings, leaving the standard "Establishment" candidates like Kasich and Bush sitting on the side lines with single digit poll ratings.

In Ohio, this Republican dissatisfaction phenomenon is spilling all the way down the Republican party ticket, reaching deeply into the party structure itself, the Republican Party County and State County Central Committee's. Continue reading