We are working with FreedomWorks and TEA Party Patriots to put together bus transportation to Wash DC for their “Day of Action”, Wednesday, March 15, 2017  They are willing to pay for a couple of Buses from Ohio to take activist to DC for a short rally and then visits to their Congressmen and Senators to demand that they repeal Obamacare in it’s entirety and replace it with a competitive free market system. It is going to be just down and back in one day.

I don’t know exactly what the timeline will be,  but I suspect it will be a red eye down and back.  i.e. the bus will leave the Perrysburg area after midnight,  arrive in DC around 10am,  do the rally, visit the Congressional offices,  back on the bus about 6,  then be back home after midnight.

If activist in your group wish to attend, they can go to this link to sign up:  FREE BUS TICKET  Be sure to check the “Register for a Bus” Checkbox! Obviously, people are encourage to drive down on their own if you can. They have not yet picked locations from where the buses will depart and return and I will get that to you as soon as that is figured out.


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