6th annual LIBERTY CAMP announces agenda

The 6th annual LIBERTY CAMP will be held July 10-14, 2017 9am – noon at Grace United Methodist Church, 601 E. Boundary Street, Perrysburg, OH  43551.

Fun activities each day with information about the political process.

Monday, July 10 – The process of presidential elections as spelled out by the Constitution, what is the electoral college, what is the difference between the electoral vote and popular vote, an examination of the Clinton/Trump results.  Jim Nowak who ran unsuccessfully for State Rep in the Toledo area will speak about his campaign and what it takes to be a candidate.  Of course EACH DAY has crafts, games, and music included.

Tuesday, July 11 –  Continuation of the electoral college, photos of campers taken so they can make their own political button! Make a campaign button holder for craft.  Will study Adams/Jefferson election

Wednesday, July 12 – Wes Berger, former asst. superintendent of TPS will bring his political pin collection featuring historical pins and present to show the kids.  Much history can be learned through looking at the pins of the elections.  He has one of the biggest collections in Ohio and trades and buys pins nationally.  Will study Truman/Dewey election and Tilden/Hayes election

Thursday, July 13 – A visit from Roger Jenot who portrays Abraham Lincoln perfectly!  Public invited.  Refreshments made by the students served.  Will study the election of 1860.

Friday, July 14 – A visit from Secretary of State Jon Husted who will talk what his job as Secretary of State is about, how did he decided to run for office, the work it takes to get elected, and any advice he can give the young people about getting involved in public service. Public will be invited  9:15-9:45am.  Election Day cupcakes will be made.  George Bush/Al Gore election studied.  Games and Fun on the last day – red white and blue water balloons, patriotic rockets fired off, etc.

Campers will be given a mid-morning snack. Please be punctual in bringing your child to Camp and picking up your child each day.
A fee of $30 ($55 if 2 children from the same family) is due with the return registration form – enrollment form and flyer available at http://nwohiocc.com/vacation-liberty-camp/ Enrollment will be limited to the first 25 children who return this form with the fee.

Please make a check to Joyce Hammer (for Liberty Camp) or to use Pay Pal, go to  http://nwohiocc.com/contribute/  and donate fee to NWOCC.
During this camp, we may be using the grounds of Woodland Park Perrysburg (adjacent to the church) as weather permits.

Thanks for your continued support of the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition.  Visit our webpage at www.nwohiocc.com. A complete list of upcoming events is available at www.toledoteaparty.com.

Linda Bowyer, Chair

Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition


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