A United Front?

GOP_logoI am not a fan of beginning an article with a disclaimer, but sometimes the circumstances of life force us to do things which make us uncomfortable in order to accomplish the intended goal.  Here we go-I am a real, dyed-in-the-wool, Republican.  I support pro-life, I am pro second amendment, pro-family, I support traditional ideals and small government.  OK…so now you are scratching your head and wondering why is there a need for a disclaimer, right?  Well, it’s simple really.  Some (most) who are in positions of leadership at the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) do not hold these Republican ideals as theirs, but rather hold contrary ideals.        Therefore, since I will be called out for not being a GOOD Republican due to the contents of this article, I thought it would be a good idea to present reality as…well…reality.  

I hear a great deal of discussion about party unity these days-much more than I have heard in the past.  It sounds like a good thing but I have learned through experience to look and see what the other hand is doing as the warm-fuzzies flow.  The ORP speaks about unity yet as I wrote in the first article of this series, their version of unity is simply turning a blind eye to corrupt and vicious behavior perpetrated by the ORP supported Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook.  MS_OH_GOPI have also heard the same unity mantra from the RNC while election atrocities were being perpetrated in Mississippi.  Many of us have asked repeatedly for those wrongs to be made right but we are always met with the same reply:  NOTHING BUT CRICKETS.  How can we unite under an umbrella of corruption, lies, and racism?

Party unity is not some pie-in-the-sky dream which can never be realized, it is attainable if people have the same goals. The problem arises when people gain too much power or at least perceived power and they act on personal gain rather than national gain.  This is what we are faced with at the ORP and the RNC.  The result of this self-serving demeanor has been the rise from within of those who still hold the true Republican spirit and ideals which has made our party so great. Those of us who are on the front lines of liberty still want what those who came before us wanted.  We want a strong and vibrant America with a military so powerful that we will not be forced to use it.  We want unborn babies protected with the same right to life which we have been granted. We want the different levels of Government off of our job-creating backs so that we can once again be the productive leaders of the world.  We want their hands of our Bibles and guns and the right to educate our children as we wish with local control not Federal Mandates.  Why can’t we unite under that?  When did those foundational stones become a barrier?  When did it become US v Them?

Those of us who hold this simple foundation to be ours have been labeled as Tea Baggers.  Both  sides of the aisle work hard to make us look like the crazy Uncle Earl who nobody wants around because you just never know what he’ll do or say next.  But why are they doing this?  What drives them?  The answer is simple: FEAR.  The fear of losing control, the fear of losing position, and the fear of losing power.  Fear is what motivates their speech and their actions.  They have adopted the tactics from the left which have been used for years to “keep people in line”. Ridicule, name-calling, and labels.  The goal is to silence those who disagree and if that is not possible to at least make those voices of disagreement irrelevant.

The problem for them is that it isn’t working. In fact, it is back-firing.  What they do not realize is that we have been battle-hardened and have our feet firmly anchored on the rock of liberty.  we the peopleWe fight not to be seen or heard, our motive is not personal gain, and we cannot be silenced through playground tactics. We have nothing to lose except LIBERTY.  The bottom line is this:  We decided long ago that LIBERTY is worth any sacrifice and we are willing to pay it-we have counted the cost.

Party unity?  Sorry, I cannot unite with those who fund racist ads or those who turn a blind eye to abuse and election fraud.  Nor can I  unite with those who are willing to sacrifice what is right in order to gain position or power.  However, if the ORP and RNC decide to return to the foundation of Liberty, I will be happy to lock arms and fight along side them.  Until then-we have elections to win and a nation to preserve.  Let us fight on!


21 responses to “A United Front?

  1. OK, let’s be nice. How is “liberty” connected to having to adhere to YOUR Bible? And if you had only taken a minimal amount of time to research Common Core, you’d know there are NO federal mandates. And if “local control” of education is your deal, why have you FAILED miserably so far? Sorry, but you are NOT a good Republican but a sorry result of watching too much Glenn Beck.

    (Isn’t there something in your Bible about bearing false witness? I believe that means it is a bad thing to LIE.)

  2. Ben, There are indeed Federal mandates. Two that are tied to Common Core money are: Race to the Top and No child left Behind.

    If a School has failed to meet their obligations when they applied for and received these two Federal Grants, They are required to repay the Federal portion of the grant. HOWEVER, If they commit to Common Core, they can receive a waiver for re-payment of these grants.

    • I could answer every one of those questions, but then you’d accuse me of lying. You know how to do a web search, and probably already have. You just didn’t like the answers.

      Myth: The standards will be implemented through No Child Left Behind (NCLB), signifying that the federal government will be leading them.

      Fact: The Common Core is a state‐led effort that is not part of No Child Left Behind or any other federal initiative. The federal government played no role in the development of the Common Core. State adoption of the standards is in no way mandatory.

      To separate more fiction from facts:

  3. Please show me the long term track record of Common Core Standards;

    What is their success rate compared to existing standards? What is their track record.

    How does Common Core Standards stack up next to current standards i.e. Massachusetts.

    How much does it cost to transition a school from their current standards to Common Core standards?

    What impact does “Common Core” copyright and trade mark have on the the sale, franchise, etc of common core materials”

    If Common Core is Gods Gift to our children, Why do we need to bribe school systems to adopt them?

  4. So, I have to ask……is Harry a typical Tea Party person?

  5. As long as the corrupt and unethical Jon Stainbrook is the chair of the LCRP, I won’t be donating to or participating in any Republican organization in Ohio. If the ORP doesn’t have enough spine to get Stainbrook out (you KNOW they could find a way), then I don’t have enough motivation to vote for Kasich, DeWine, or Mandel. I’ll be skipping those boxes on the ballot.

    Of course, the main thing the Ohio Republican Party has going for it is that the State Democrat Party is even more dysfunctional.

  6. Wow Tina. Can you tell me exactly which Republican leaders in the ORP do not believe in “pro-life” or the second amendment etc. Perhaps you mean that they don’t support the Tea Party’s narrow definition of the second amendment etc.