Are you supporting Stainbrook or working to get rid of him

Stainbrook_For_AgainstAre you attending Stainbrook’s dinner on Feb 6th (LCRP Lincoln dinner)?  If so,  then you’re proclaiming to Lucas County Republican voters that you support Stainbrook,  and will help him maintain his rule over the LCRP that he hijacked 6 years ago.

Just to review, this is what you’re supporting when you attend the dinner,

After four years of creating chaos at the Board of Elections, Stainbrook was fired from the Board by Secretary of State Jon Husted.  If you attend the dinner, you’re funding Stainbrook’s legal battle against Husted.

Stainbrook is under criminal investigation for election tampering. If you attend Stainbrook’s dinner,  you are paying his legal bills.

Stainbrook is continuously delinquent on campaign filings,  BOE notices to the party are returned as “UNDELIVERABLE”.  If you sit at one of his table on Feb 6th,  Then this leadership is OK with you.

Stainbrook is squandering the LCRP Building fund to pay his rent.  Past Republicans have worked hard, setting aside to one day build their own Headquarters.  If you break bread with Stainbrook on Feb 6th,  You’re allowing Stainbrook to continue as Chairman and squander all the hard work that previous Republicans have done for the party..

1/2 of the people Stainbrook recruits for Central Committee vote for him as chairman, but never vote in any other election.  If you attend the Dinner on Feb 6th,  you’re helping recruit more of these people who don’t vote and don’t work to forward the party.

Lucas County Republicans have worked to recruit 100’s of hardworking Republicans who work for the party, and vote in elections.  If you eat dinner with Stainbrook on Feb 6th,  You’re spiting in their face and telling them that Stainbrook is your number one choice.


1) Attend the Dinner on Feb 6th and show your loyalty to Stainbrook, The person who hijacked the party, and has managed to single handily destroyed the party in Lucas County..


2) Stay clear on Feb 6th,  and support the people who are working to regain control of the Lucas County Republican Party.

Rather than  pay Stainbrook $100 and help him,  send that $100 to one of the local Republican clubs or PACs.  These Lucas county organizations have a consistent track record of recruiting new Republicans and assisting Republican candidates in their needs as they run for offices..


Either you’re for us, or against us, There is no middle road.



2 responses to “Are you supporting Stainbrook or working to get rid of him

  1. Folks must have a moral compass (conscious) and use it or they drift aimlessly. Get your moral compass out and use it. Don’t fund the very thing you oppose. Send those dollars where they enhance the probability of reaching the goal. Actions always speak louder than words. Who are you with? It’s more than a dinner, think about it. I couldn’t swallow a single bite of that dinner.

  2. Diana – Well said.