Bill Introduced in Ohio House to STOP Common Core

As you will read below, their is a Bill to Stop Common Core that Heidi Huber and her team at Ohioans Against Common Core are pushing to get introduced in the Ohio House. They need co-sponsors of the bill by Wednesday and they would appreciate you members calling the House Members below to sign on as Co-Sponsors.  Please forward this to all of your members and help us generate a significant number of calls…..  


Calendar with Deadline Circled

There are only three days left to lock in an early vote of support for Rep. Thompson’s Repeal Bill. We need calls to flood the offices of the House members listed below. Break it down to four at a time – morning, lunch, and afternoon. We know the calls make the difference. It’s the reason we have a repeal bill set for introduction.

Please call the House members below and ask for their co-sponsorship through the following message-

** Are you aware that the Common Core State Standards were never vetted or voted on by Ohio’s lawmakers?

** Are you aware that the standards are copyrighted and cannot be changed at the state or local level?

** Are you aware that all grade level assessments will be through a national consortium with no input from teachers?

** Are you aware that no cost projection was done to determine the implementation or operating costs to taxpayers?

** Are you aware that the federal Race to the Top grant is the instrument that ties the Standards, Assessment and Data Collection together and allowed this end run around you, our elected representatives?

** And lastly, are you aware that the RNC issued a Resolution categorically rejecting Common Core citing among its issues the destruction of educational choice, massive student data collection, nationalized assessments, and the violation of three federal laws?

Please join Rep. Thompson in honoring your oath to defend the Ohio Constitution by protecting our state control over education. Repealing Common Core is the only acceptable response for a responsible legislator.

This is what you need to say:

I respectfully ask that you reply to me at (phone number) letting me know your intentions before the bill is filed on Thursday, July 25th. Thank you.

State Rep. Ron Amstutz, District 1 (614) 466-1474

State Rep. Marlene Aneilski, District 6 (614) 644-6041

State Rep. Nan Baker, District 16 (614) 466-0961

State Rep. Terry Blair, District 42 (614) 466-6504

State Rep. Tim Brown, District 3 (614) 466-8104

State Rep. Tony Burley, District 82 (614) 644-5091

State Rep. Margaret Conditt, District 52 (614) 466-8550

State Rep. Rex Damschroder, District 88 (614) 466-1374

State Rep. Doug Green, District 66 (614) 644-6034

State Rep. Christina Hagan, District 50 (614) 466-9078

State Rep. Wes Retherford, District 51 (614) 644-6721

One response to “Bill Introduced in Ohio House to STOP Common Core

  1. Common Core is a progressive/marxist theory, that started with race to the top[bottom]. Parents that can afford to get private tutoring for their children will have an advantage over the people who can’t afford tutoring, further widening the gap between the rich and poor; exactly what the progressives want. The more poor “educated” people dependent on the gov., the more control the gov. has over citizens – the people getting hurt the most, as always is the working class/”useful idiots”. The gov. causes the problem, and the gov. provides the “solution”. Common core is another name for sustainability/dictatorship, progressing as Obamacare to kill private – “free” enterprise.
    — Please get involved in local government – you may not be interested in politics, but politics/the progressives are very interested in [robbing] you.