Boeing Aircraft starting search for new location to build 777’s

Boeing 777 off Assembly LineThis week, the International Association of Machinists rejected the latest offer from Boeing Aircraft.  Boeing Aircraft Company immediately announced it will be investigating the possibility of relocating the 777 assembly plant from its lifelong location in Everett Washington….

Boeing built their 787 assembly plant in South Carolina, after similar Union problems could not be overcome. Boeing  Chief Executive Jim McNerney said they are exploring all options regarding the 777 assembly, and reiterated that production of the 777 is the staple of Boeing business, and mitigating risk to production is one of the key elements Boeing must face.

As we write this, cities around the Unites States (and overseas) are putting together teams to make possible presentations to  Boeing executives.  Boeing has current contracts for over 100 777s, utilizing over 20,000 jobs, and taxes deals that could easily reach 8 billion (yes billion) dollars.

Toledo is PERFECT for this, we have a large airport, in rural area, crossroads to major shipping, etc.  This would be a perfect fit.

Unfortunately,  Toledo is on record as opposing business like this. In June of this year,  The Toledo City council passed a resolution that stated Toledo did not want your company or business unless you employed Labor Unions (READ HERE).

The Lucas County Commissioners made a similar resolution in August (READ HERE)

As recently as 2 weeks ago,  During an interview with Mayor Elect Collins reiterated that Businesses that do not employ Union Labor are a disease feeding on Toledos economy. Clearly, Mr Collins has been provided inaccurate information regarding Workplace Freedom.

With rhetoric like this from our top elected official, and the the City and county  passing these types of resolutions,  Toledo and Ohio aren’t even being considered for this major production facility.

Until Toledo and Ohio change their tune, and embrace Workplace freedom, we’ll continue to watch as companies like Boeing move their business elsewhere, and our elected official will continue to wonder why Toledos talent and youth pack up their households and relocate to to cities and states that have good paying production jobs.

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