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Kasich Fact Sheet – He is NOT a Conservative

kasich-foxnewsKasich Fact Sheet – He is NOT a Conservative!

It is clear to Conservative voters across the state of Ohio that John Kasich is no Conservative. However, many other voters are unaware of Kasich’s history since he became our governor. Even when you listen to conservative talk radio, the narrative that the Kasich campaign is painting is believed by many of the radio hosts and by many listeners. Continue reading

How Classical Catholic Education Can Save Catholic Schools

ParentsUnitedOn Wednesday evening, July 1st,  The Toledo Catholics for Classical Education is hosting a speaker event at the Sylvania Public Library.

Mr. Maltbie, a graduate of MSU and MSU College of Law and Headmaster of Sacred Heart Academy, a K-12 diocesan classical Catholic school, in Grand Rapids, MI. will be the speaker. Continue reading

Toledo Public Schools passes”NO PARCC” resolution

l_parccHere is a few paragraphs about the Toledo Public School (TPS) board meeting yesterday.

I attended the meeting yesterday and it was very exciting. The Toledo Public School Board passed a resolution to pause the new Common Core tests known as PARCC. Board members unanimously approved their message to the state.

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Miami County School superintendent – How much of a bad thing is a good thing?

dunnTesting is a major component of the new, untested  Common Core standards that schools across Ohio are forced to implement (so much for local control). As more school systems look closer into these standards, many are realizing that Common Core isn’t what its being advertized.

We are pleased to see school administrators stepping up and voicing their opposition. These are bold and risky moves as many remain quite, in fear of their jobs, school funding, retribution from unions, and many other factors. Continue reading

Firelands school board VP responds to Gov Kasichs support of Common Core

FirelandsLogoAs more Ohio schools to realize what Common Core means to them,  they are beginning to show their opposition to it.

This is a letter written by Firelands School Board Vice President Benjamin Gibson.


The Honorable John Kasich
Governor of Ohio
77 South High Street
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6117 Continue reading

Garaway Schools Ohio adopts resolution against Common Core

A-Resolution-against-Common-CoreGaraway School District, Sugarcreek, OH: Jan 12th, 2015

Why would a school system that is rated EXCELLENT throw out their current standards and then adopt, untested, unproved, standards where the cost of implementation isn’t even known?

Tuesday night, the  Garaway School Board meeting passed a resolution against Common Core.

The Republican National Committee has a resolution against Common Core,  But the Ohio GOP has no such goals or platform.  In fact,  They even went to the trouble of killing legislation that would have repealed Common Core in Ohio at the end of the 2014 Ohio Congress. (Click here to read article)

From the language in the Garaway Resolution, it appears they did their homework, and know that Common Core does nothing to improve the quality of education.

Text of resolution *** Continue reading

How the GOP killed the Heartbeat Bill and stopped the repeal of Common Core

Hearbeat_CommonCore_1From Matt Lynch, Former Ohio State Representative.

The few true conservative Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives fought hard in the last days of 2014 to protect both the born and the unborn. Sadly their efforts to pass the Hearbeat Bill (HB248) and the Repeal of Common Core (HB597) were stopped by the very Party that had just successfully campaigned as the “conservative” choice in the November elections. Continue reading