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9000 plus attend Trump’s Ohio campaign kickoff in Toledo

Trump2016_2_800We want to thank Donald Trump for launching his Ohio campaign by making Toledo his first stop. And especially thank Cheryl Blakely, Amy Jones, and Nick Brusky from the Trump campaign for reaching out to NW Ohio conservative groups and allowing us to participate in this event.

As an event volunteer, I arrived at 4pm.  We were briefed by the Trump campaign and given our work assignments. Continue reading

Dinner with Representative Jim Jordan

JimJordan_1Those who love this nation and want it to flourish and prosper often feel like it is us against the world and there is no help or hope in sight. We go through election after election getting our hopes up that maybe this time, the person we elect will be THE ONE who stands up for us and our nation. Often our hopes are dashed-the promises made and Oath of Office becomes a distant memory, but Representative Jim Jordan is different. Continue reading

Toledo Tea Party passes 1,000 Facebook Likes

1000_LikesThank you Facebook fans for making Toledo Tea Party a success.

We promise we’ll work just as hard for the next 1,000 likes by continuing to be a royal pain in the behind of moderates and Liberals.

Help us in our efforts by doing a couple things:… Continue reading

How to reform the party and get rid of RINOs

Take Back GOPMany people are justifiably upset about unprincipled representatives today at all levels of government. In spite of the fact that “RINOs” have been a persistent problem for years, I’m still amazed to hear experienced commentators talking about how they have “had enough”, are going to “stand and fight”, “start a third party”, “run independent candidates”, or “throw the bums out in November.” …..

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Findlay 912 group condemns Gov Kasich Controlling Board action.


FINDLAY, OHIO – The Findlay 9.12 Project announced today that they are condemning the acts of Governor John Kasich in forcing the Ohio Controlling Board to expand Medicaid in Ohio. By deliberately not working with the Ohio General Assembly on this issue, the Governor set out to extort votes from the Controlling Board members, swapping out members at the last minute and intentionally rigging the vote against the will of the Citizens of Ohio and their elected representatives….

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Findlay City Council – 5th Ward

-john-and-wifeThe Citizens of the 5th Ward will soon catapult John Bauer into the Findlay City Council as their chosen representative.  The anticipation is electric, the crowd of supporters is ecstatic, they cannot wait to confirm their choice, because they Believe in Bauer to get the job done…..   Continue reading

Blanchard river and the Army Corps of Engineers?

(Findlay, Ohio)  –

Letter to County Commissioners:

I know that the mayor of Findlay is putting pressure on you to fund the next stage of the flood study. But many of us in the city and rural areas want our river cleaned out first to restore the original capacity to the Blanchard River….

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