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Stainbrook / Gallagher fail to file campaign reports. Delinquent Notices returned to BOE

LCRP_Return_Oct7Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) Chairman Stainbrook and Deputy Gallagher once again failed to file the party campaign reports.

HOWEVER – To add insult to injury,  repeated attempts by the Lucas County Board of Election (BOE) to contact Stainbrook and Gallagher about the delinquent filings continuously go unanswered.

A Public Records request reveals that the Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) has made numerous attempts to reach Stainbrook and Gallagher regarding the delinquent Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) Campaign finance reports.

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Over half of Lucas County Republican Central Committee didn’t vote, again

GallagherStainbrookOver 50% of the Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee members recruited by Meghan Gallagher and Jon Stainbrook failed to vote in the November 2015 Election.

In 2014, Gallagher and Stainbrook circulated candidate petitions for 198 members of the current Central Committee members.  106 of those Republican Representatives didn’t take the time to vote in this election. Continue reading

LCRP Chairman Stainbrook endorses Non-Republican Mayor, ignores Republican City Council Candidates

GallagherStainbrookLucas County Republican Party (LCRP)  Chairman Jon Stainbrook and Vice Chairman Megan Gallagher once again show their lack of support for Lucas County Republican Candidates by endorsing a non-Republican Mayor,   and refuse to endorse two strong Republican candidates running for  Toledo City Council.

In the LCRP announcement received just 48 hours before the election, its apears that Jon Stainbrook and Megan Gallagher are doing everything they can to help Democrats win in Toledo and Lucas County. Continue reading

Lucas County needs Republican Poll workers to help work elections

voting_signThe Lucas County Board of Elections is actively seeking registered voters to work as Precinct Elections Officials (PEO) and seasonal help for the November 3, 2015 General Election.

Every election day, thousands of Ohioans play an important role in our democracy by helping to operate polling places. These PEOs work hard to ensure that all voters can vote with ease on Election day, while also helping to safeguard the process so that all Ohioans have confidence in the results. Continue reading

Lucas / Wood County Official Election Observers Wanted

MaumeePollingPlaceThe NW Ohio Conservative Coalition is once again recruiting citizens who would like to act as “Official Election Observers” for the 2015 November General and the 2016 March Primary elections.

If you are interested in being an Official Election Observer in Wood, Lucas, (or other NW Ohio county)  please contact us immediately.  We are getting ready to submit the paperwork for the Observers and need to talk to you.

REQUIREMENTS – – No special requirements.  but I recommend you read the article “Election Observer”  on the Your Name On The Ballot web site. Continue reading

I was against Stainbrook before I was for him


I was against Stainbrook before I was for him

Lets not waste each others time:   Lets get right to the point:

You cannot say you want to get rid of Stainbrook, then support him financially. 

If you’re one of the attendees at the Stainbrook Lincoln Day Dinner, you are undermining the time, effort, and finances that hundreds of Lucas County Republicans have made to hold the party together and rebuild the structure that Stainbrook has systematically destroyed.

The financial support you’re providing to Stainbrook goes directly into his coffers,  not to help candidates or the party, but to help him fight against Republicans attempting to take back the party that he has hijacked, undermined,  and made irrelevant in Lucas County.

When you attend the dinner, as you are sitting at your table, perhaps you may want to engage in casual conversation with your fellow Stainbrook supporters.

When you’re at the dinner, you can pass time by engaging  the person next to you in conversation,  ask them these questions to get the ball rolling:
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Kaczala / Scott to remain at helm of Lucas County Board of Elections

Kaczala_Scott_May_2015_888x500Yesterdays Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) meeting decided the future of who was going to be at the helm in the day to day operations of the BOE.

The four member board, Brenda Hill (Chairman), Honorable Peter Handwork, John Irish, and Mark Wagoner, Sr,  in a unanimous decision named Gina Kaczala and LaVera Scott, to continue as the BOE Director and Deputy Director.

The board members commented that it was a difficult decision to reach because of the high quality of all the applicants.   We would also like to thank those applicants who were not selected for the post. Continue reading