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Lucas County Ohio

Republican Party Chairman to run non–Republican against Republicans

Bell_StainRepublican Party Chairman Stainbrook and Vice Chair Meghan Gallagher announced last week they are expending Republican Party resources to help Michael Bell, an independent, get on the ballot and possibly run against a Republican for the County Commissioner seat.

We really like Mayor Bell,  so we are very confused by this. With the vast resources available to Bell, Republicans in Lucas county need to wonder why he would need to turn to Stainbrook or Gallagher for assistance.  Surely Mayor Bell knows of Stainbrook and Gallagher’s track record.

We’ve attempted to reach Mayor Bell to confirm this,  but because of the holiday, he has not been able to get back with us.

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Stainbrook / Gallagher fail to file campaign reports. Delinquent Notices returned to BOE

LCRP_Return_Oct7Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) Chairman Stainbrook and Deputy Gallagher once again failed to file the party campaign reports.

HOWEVER – To add insult to injury,  repeated attempts by the Lucas County Board of Election (BOE) to contact Stainbrook and Gallagher about the delinquent filings continuously go unanswered.

A Public Records request reveals that the Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) has made numerous attempts to reach Stainbrook and Gallagher regarding the delinquent Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) Campaign finance reports.

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Over half of Lucas County Republican Central Committee didn’t vote, again

GallagherStainbrookOver 50% of the Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee members recruited by Meghan Gallagher and Jon Stainbrook failed to vote in the November 2015 Election.

In 2014, Gallagher and Stainbrook circulated candidate petitions for 198 members of the current Central Committee members.  106 of those Republican Representatives didn’t take the time to vote in this election. Continue reading

LCRP Chairman Stainbrook endorses Non-Republican Mayor, ignores Republican City Council Candidates

GallagherStainbrookLucas County Republican Party (LCRP)  Chairman Jon Stainbrook and Vice Chairman Megan Gallagher once again show their lack of support for Lucas County Republican Candidates by endorsing a non-Republican Mayor,   and refuse to endorse two strong Republican candidates running for  Toledo City Council.

In the LCRP announcement received just 48 hours before the election, its apears that Jon Stainbrook and Megan Gallagher are doing everything they can to help Democrats win in Toledo and Lucas County. Continue reading

Lucas County Republican PAC announces City Council Endorsements

Lucas_LOGOAs Toledo City Council races start to heat up and early voting is underway,  the Lucas County Republican PAC made its endorsements for the November election.

Four Toledo City Council candidates received endorsements from the Republican PAC:

Toledo City Council District # 2
Drew Blazik

Toledo City Council District # 3
Glenn Cook

Toledo City Council District # 5
Tom Waniewski

Toledo City Council District # 6
Bill Delaney

Oct Meeting in review

Bell_TTPLast night was our first meeting at our new location and it was standing room only.

Since the November election is a mire 3 weeks away,  we invited all candidates who are on the ballot in Lucas county to attend,  tell us what their qualifications are,  and what their plans are if elected.  We ran the meeting short so our members and guests could talk one-on one with the candidates.
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Jon Stainbrook loses lawsuit against Sec Husted

AUG_22_2014_BOE_3The Ohio Supreme court ruled yesterday that Secretary of State Jon Husted acted within his power when he refused to accept Jon Stainbrooks recommendations for Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) positions.

The Courts findings rehash the entire timeline of the how Stainbrook has been able to manipulate the BOE into chaos and why the Sec of State refused his recommendations for appointments to the board after he (Stainbrook) was fired..

Stainbrooks friend Meghan Gallagher was fired as BOE Director in March 2014

To date,   Stainbrook has spent over $20,000 of Lucas County Republican Party money fighting this law suit.   Imagine how many candidate could have been helped with that money.

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