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Anti Israel movement at University of Toledo

logo-180795826A handful of campus activists have convinced student government to hold a vote on an issue calling on the University of Toledo to sell its holdings in companies that do business in the nation of Israel. This is known as “divestment” and will hurt UT students.

Are you, or is anyone you know, a currently enrolled student at University of Toledo? If so, then this message is of great importance.

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Black Pastors stand with Israel

BlackCaucausWhen 9/11 occured, Bill Clinton said he knew exactly who did it.

So why did we have to wait until 2,000 Americans lost their lives until someone did something about it?

When I heard the Congressional Black Caucus cooperated with the White House on plans to walk out on the speech to Congress from Israel’s Prime Minister, I knew we had to do something about it. Continue reading

Consequence for Republican Betrayal Far Exceed Consequences of any DHS “Shutdown”

McConnellMogadore, Ohio – The Portage County TEA Party Executive Director, Tom Zawistowski, made clear today that the consequences for the Republican betrayal in the Senate will far exceed the consequences of any DHS “Shutdown”.

Zawistowski explained, “Senator McConnell and his ilk in the Senate need to clearly understand that the betrayal of all of their campaign promises, the betrayal of the very Oath of Office he himself swore just weeks ago to defend the Constitution, and the betrayal of the base of the Republican Party by allowing 5.5 million illegal non-citizens to acquire social security numbers and drivers licenses so that they can vote Democrat in coming elections, will result in the loss of the Senate and the White House in 2016. Continue reading

Black Conservatives Critique President Obama’s State of the Union Address

P21_martink Washington, D.C. – Commenting on President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address tonight, members of the Project 21 black leadership network saw a presidency lacking new ideas that suggested Obama may be “running out the clock” on his presidency without much vision but with plenty of continued class warfare and big government rhetoric.

“President Obama really did not offer anything new in his address to Congress. All he did was present the American people with the same old clunker policies sprayed with a new car scent,” said Project 21 member Kevin Martin, a small business owner and Navy veteran. Continue reading

Rep Kaptur votes NO to high paying Union jobs

KapturNoRep Kaptur once again ignores the facts and blindly sided with the Democrat party and President Obama and voted NO to the building of the Keystone pipeline.

The pipeline would not only bring well paying construction and maintenance jobs,  but also put another thorn in the side of foreign oil.

The past few years of fracking and new oil production in the US is one of the main driving forces in the lower cost gasoline and fuel that we’ve been able to take advantage of.

Rep Kaptur continues to ignore these facts and instead  sacrifices NW Ohioans to high energy cost.

You ca see the vote HERE.


Speaker Boehner just survived biggest revolt in 150 years

TPP_LogoFrom the Tea Party Patriots.

By now, you have no doubt heard that John Boehner was re-elected today to his third term as Speaker of the House.

Even though we didn’t win today, we stood by those on Capitol Hill who are willing to stand up against the status quo. Thank you for making the thousands of calls, e-mails and tweets and all that you did beyond that to help. To those of you who sent in your financial support, as always, you sustain us, you inspire us, and you amaze us – your support and partnership makes our fight for personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt free future possible. Continue reading

Time to change Republican Leadership in Washington DC

JohnBoehnerCALL NOW – Ok you guys! God has given us another opportunity to make a BIG difference in DC! Tomorrow is the vote on the Speaker of the House. As you know, John Boehner lacks several body parts which are needed to fight the Obama agenda. Here is what we need to do if you live in Ohio: Continue reading