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Back to Basics – Separation of Church and State: Myths, Fallacies and Fantasies

BacktoBasicsBack to Basics Chairman Bob Densic announced that the group has formed a three session class titled; “Separation of Church and State:  Myths, Fallacies and Fantasies”

Mr. Densic says the three sessions will examine the history and original intent of the phrase “Separation of Church and State”, as well as tour through history to see how this simple principle has been turned and twisted to be the antithesis of its origin.

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Making Morning Radio Great Again – Trump calls into morning talk show on WSPD

trump_010WSPD Morning radio host Fred Lefebvre got a surprise this morning,  Just as Fred was finishing up an interview with Eric trump,  the radio stations phone screener told Fred that there was someone on the phone by the name of Donald Trump.

Yah, Right,  NO , REALLY, Its Donald Trump…..

Fred spent the next 20 minutes asking Mr Trump some hard questions, I bet Hillary Clinton doesn’t call in to Fred’s show.

We’ll post a link to the podcast when WSPD gets it up on their web site.

CLICK HERE for Eric Trump podcast interview.

CLICK HERE for Donald Trump podcast interview





9000 plus attend Trump’s Ohio campaign kickoff in Toledo

Trump2016_2_800We want to thank Donald Trump for launching his Ohio campaign by making Toledo his first stop. And especially thank Cheryl Blakely, Amy Jones, and Nick Brusky from the Trump campaign for reaching out to NW Ohio conservative groups and allowing us to participate in this event.

As an event volunteer, I arrived at 4pm.  We were briefed by the Trump campaign and given our work assignments. Continue reading


trump-nra-sbsAkron, OH:  The We the People Convention, announced today that the majority of the TEA Party/Liberty Groups in Ohio will be aligning with the National Rifle Association in an effort to elect Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

“We are pleased to align our efforts in this Presidential election with the NRA because so many of our members are also NRA members and gun owners,” said Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention. “The NRA came out early to endorse Donald Trump, which was no surprise since Hillary Clinton’s anti-2nd Amendment positions are crystal clear. It’s a simple choice- if we want to keep our guns, we need to elect Donald Trump as President. Working together with the National Rifle Association we believe we can get that done in Ohio.” Continue reading

Friends and Supporters of the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition:

WorksWithOrganizations-940x350NWOCC’s mission is to support conservative candidates and causes through education, marketing and fundraising. We do this without any paid staff and are able to keep our costs very low. Many of the activities listed below are free or very low cost to attend. We are in need of donations to continue to do the basic activities of the PAC (such as a website, email lists, booths at local fairs, etc.). We appreciate the support from many of you in time, talent and treasure. If you are able to contribute financially or can help us with your time or talents, please accept our thanks. You can donate online at our website or by mail a check to NWOCC, Jeff Lydy Treasurer, 4035 Forest Glen, Sylvania, OH 43623. We are currently planning a fundraising banquet with a nationally known speaker in early August. Continue reading

I’m tired of voting for the same Republicans and getting no results

SCC2_Walters_CroppedI’ve been asked, “Why are you running for State Central Committee?”

My response is simple… I have a “personal interest,”- my son, my husband, my neighbors, my town, my city, our state & our country.

I’m running because I’m tired of voting for the same people over and over…common sense tells me its time to stop voting that way because it hasn’t changed the results.  Our state & country are still in huge trouble. Continue reading

Senate Bill 5 – Darn near destroyed Ohio’s conservative movement

NO_SB5SB5 darn near destroyed the conservative movement in Ohio. Friends, families, activist and leaders, who normally agreed on almost everything else chose sides. The result was a bitter war among Ohio’s conservatives, between the people and within groups that almost destroyed Ohio’s conservative movement.

Sadly, I’m seeing a similar effect with the presidential races.  People who’ve been working together for years are now at war with each other and refuse to talk.  Groups are being torn apart as supporters of the different candidates exchange words and insult each other over their views. Continue reading