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60 Ohio Republicans pay lip service to stopping Obamacare

LipService_GOPLast year,  Ohio Republicans ran on a platform of “We will fight to STOP Obamacare.”  In one of the mailings from Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges, the Ohio GOP makes the claim “It Takes a STRONG  Republican Party to Stand up against Obamacare” (See below)

Ohio’s 2016/17 budget  introduced by Gov John Kasich (Republican) specifically included full funding for Obamacare Medicaid Expansion.

Yesterday in what amounted to a GOP landslide vote –

60 Republicans voted YES to accept the budget  with full funding for the Obamacare program.

Only 5  Ohio GOP Republicans stood STRONG and voted NO to Obamacare funding; 
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red-phoneCALL NOW – Please read

Last year we fought successfully to remove Obamacare Medicaid Expansion from Ohios Budget.

The Ohio Legislature has quietly put Obamacare Medicaid expansion back into this years budget against the will of Ohioans, and they plan on voting on it tomorrow.

We MUST call our Ohio Legislatures and ask them;


Ohioans fought hard to stop Obamacare. Ohioians do not want Obamacare. They must vote NO on the Ohio budget. until they remove Obamacare Medicaid Expansion funding.  PERIOD.

You MUST call your Ohio Legislature NOW and ask them why they are supporting Obamacare.

NW Ohio House of Representatives

Tim Brown (03-R)     (614-466-8104)
Robert R. Cupp (04-R)    (614-466-9624)
Mike Ashford (44-D)    (614-466-1401)
Teresa Fedor (45-D)    (614-644-6017)
Michael Sheeny (46-D)    (614-466-1418)
Barb Sears (47-R)    (614-466-1731)
Robert McColley (81-R)    (614-466-3760)
Tony Burkley (82-R)    (614-644-5091)
Robert Sprague (83-R)    (614-466-3819)
Bill Reineke (88-R)    (614-466-1374)
Steve  W. Kraus (89-D)    (614-644-6011)

NW Ohio Senate

Cliff Hite (01-R)   (614-466-8150)
Randy Gardner (02-R)   (614-466-8060)
Edna Brown (11-D)    (614-466-5204)
Dave Burke (26-R)     (614-466-8049)


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U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Obamacare Subsidies

thThere’s hopeful news this week on the Obamacare front. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge to the tax subsidies that keep Obamacare afloat. The Court will review a ruling by a three judge panel of a federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia which upheld IRS regulations that allow Obamacare tax subsidies in all 50 states. Language in the ACA states that subsidies are available to individuals that enroll in an insurance plan […]

As Ohio Medicaid Expands, Services for Our Most Vulnerable Citizens Put at Risk

Pop Medicaid ExpansionJason Hart of keeps up his important coverage of Obamacare Medicaid expansion. He reports Ohio Medicaid’s September case load report shows that expansion enrollment has reached 401,307 – far outpacing the Kasich administration’s low-ball projections of 366,000 by July 2015. What does that mean in dollars in cents?  Ohio’s Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee, which has been charged with the task of “bending the cost curve down” on Medicaid, put out estimates of costs per […]

Kasich Struggles with Conflicting Positions and Images

th-1Governor Kasich got himself into a little hot water over comments he made about Obamacare and Medicaid expansion to the AP. Kasich told the AP that he did not think repeal was going to happen because “political or ideological” opposition does not “hold water” against “real improvements in peoples’ lives.” The AP thought Kasich meant opposition to Obamacare would not “hold water,” but Kasich’s staff claims the Governor meant opposition to Obamacare Medicaid expansion. The […] Looks at Ohio’s Ballooning Obamacare Expansion and What that Means for the Most Needy

Click to enlarge.Jason Hart of goes in depth on Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion enrollment in Ohio. Hart depicts the consistently increasing monthly enrollments which veer further and further from Governor Kasich’s lowball projection of 366,000 by July 2015. Especially interesting is the backdated enrollment that is occuring which masks the true size of the expansion in current months and then sneakily includes the numbers in future caseload reports. Backdating takes place because there can be a lag […]

Medicaid Expansion Enrollment Surpasses First Year Projections Months Early; Kasich Calls for More

thAs of August, 367,395 Ohioans had signed up for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion surpassing Governor Kasich’s projected enrollment number (366,000) for July 2015 ten months early.   Meanwhile, in mid-September, Kasich told the Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board that he will push to get the state legislature to re-authorize Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion during the next biennial budget cycle. The Enquirer wrote, “Ohio also might see some savings from accepting federal money to expand Medicaid to more Ohioans, he (Kasich) […]