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Ron Johns to join Toledo Tea Party Board of Directors

RonJohns_1We at The Toledo Tea Party are happy to announce and welcome our newest board member, Ron Johns. Ron is a young passionate conservative who brings a new perspective and new skills to our team. With Ron on our board we are excited to expand our reach and expand our effectiveness to younger groups often left out of the Tea Party dialogue. Continue reading

City of Toledo updates data on Ohio Checkbook

Toledo_OhioCheckBookLast week we reported that the City of Toledo had not updated any of their spending data since 2014 on the Ohio Treasures web site

The Toledo page was disabled for the past 72 hours, and guess what.  We just checked it again and the data is nor updated and current up to June 30, 2016.

We encourage everyone to go look through Toledos checkbook,  ask questions. Continue reading

Does Toledo really need the Levy

Performance Audit FRONTDoes Toledo really need the Levy?  No one knows,  because Toledo refuses to do a Performance Audit or post their checkbook on line for all to see.

Toledo is hosting Town Hall meetings in each district to push the levy.  When you attend one of these town hall meetings,  tell them you went to Ohio Check Book to look at Toledo spending,  but there’s no data there since 2014. Continue reading

Toledo wants more money, but doesn’t want you to see how they are spending current money

OCB_ToledoSeveral years ago, Ohio State Treasure Josh Mandel, placed Ohio’s checkbook on line for all to see and inspect.  This is the intimate in openness and transparency.

As part of the Treasures transparency program,  Mr Mandel made the web site available to any and all Ohio public entities, and city’s, schools, townships etc jumped on board to take advantage of this program to add their data to the web site. Continue reading

9000 plus attend Trump’s Ohio campaign kickoff in Toledo

Trump2016_2_800We want to thank Donald Trump for launching his Ohio campaign by making Toledo his first stop. And especially thank Cheryl Blakely, Amy Jones, and Nick Brusky from the Trump campaign for reaching out to NW Ohio conservative groups and allowing us to participate in this event.

As an event volunteer, I arrived at 4pm.  We were briefed by the Trump campaign and given our work assignments. Continue reading

Trump to make campaign stop in Toledo


Presidential  Republican Candidate Donald Trump will be making a stop in Toledo tomorrow night.

This is the second campaign stop since Donald Trump accepted the Republican Party Nomination in Cleveland last week.  Toledo Tea Party Chairman John McAvoy says:

“We’re very pleased that Mr Trump has chosen Toledo as his first Ohio campaign stop,  and unlike Gov Kasich,  Toledo Republicans will be pulling out all the stops to welcome Mr Trump to Ohio.” Continue reading

NWOCC reschedules debate due to Trump visit


Perrysburg, OH: Due to the scheduled visit to NW Ohio by Candidate Donald Trump, the debate the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) is sponsoring on “Should Conservatives Vote for Trump?” has been cancelled for this Wednesday July 27 and will be held on Monday August 29, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Maumee Library, 501 River Road, Maumee OH. For more information on the change in the schedule, please contact Liz Strang Continue reading