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Wood County Ohio

Rev C.L. Bryant rocks the house.

Tickets sold out and many had to be turned away.


Ohio GOP declares War on Ohio’s Conservative Republicans

OHGOP_DeclaresWarAs we welcome the new year, county Board of Elections (BOE) have released the candidate lists for who appears on the March 15 ballot. National attention is on the Presidential races where a phenomenon of dissatisfied Republicans has launched conservative candidates into the top 5 rankings, leaving the standard “Establishment” candidates like Kasich and Bush sitting on the side lines with single digit poll ratings.

In Ohio, this Republican dissatisfaction phenomenon is spilling all the way down the Republican party ticket, reaching deeply into the party structure itself, the Republican Party County and State County Central Committee’s. Continue reading

Lucas / Wood County Official Election Observers Wanted

MaumeePollingPlaceThe NW Ohio Conservative Coalition is once again recruiting citizens who would like to act as “Official Election Observers” for the 2015 November General and the 2016 March Primary elections.

If you are interested in being an Official Election Observer in Wood, Lucas, (or other NW Ohio county)  please contact us immediately.  We are getting ready to submit the paperwork for the Observers and need to talk to you.

REQUIREMENTS – – No special requirements.  but I recommend you read the article “Election Observer”  on the Your Name On The Ballot web site. Continue reading

Photos -NWOCC “Taxed Enough Already” Party rally – Perrysburg

Supporters of all ages showed upPerrysburg, OH.   The weather was beautiful on Saturday fro the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition’s 5th annual Tax Day Rally.

This years event coincides with the annual April 15th deadline for filing taxes, and the Easter weekend.  Many families were traveling or home preparing for family activities that normally accompany Holy Week and Easter Sunday…. Continue reading

Toledo Tea Party passes 1,000 Facebook Likes

1000_LikesThank you Facebook fans for making Toledo Tea Party a success.

We promise we’ll work just as hard for the next 1,000 likes by continuing to be a royal pain in the behind of moderates and Liberals.

Help us in our efforts by doing a couple things:… Continue reading

NWOCC needs your help for Perrysburg Harrison Rally Day – this will be fun :-)

HarrisonRallyDaysFrom Linda Bowyer, NW Ohio Conservative Coalition

NW Ohio Patriots:

Once again, the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition is participating in Harrison Rally Days in Perrysburg OH on Saturday, September 21…..

Continue reading

Message to Rep Latta – If you fund Obamacare, your for Obamacare

In the next few week,  Rep Latta will joining the other congressman from Ohio and the nation in one of the most pivotal decisions they will face in their career.

Rep Latta,  your either against Obamacare and will defund it,  or you are for Obamacare and will fund it. There is no other choice.

Continue reading