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1851 to Supreme Court: Forced Funding of Unions Violates Free Speech

Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law yesterday petitioned the United States Supreme Court to rule in favor of the Petitioner in a case challenging the constitutionality of public sector unions’ power to force public employees to pay union “agency fees.”

In Janus v. AFSCME, the Petitioner argues that government employees who opt not to be union members cannot be forced to pay fees in lieu of membership dues, to the union. Petitioner Mark Janus argues that nonmember employees cannot be forced to pay such fees because unions use the fees to fund their collective bargaining advocacy, union collective bargaining advocacy is inherently political, and the First Amendment prohibits enactments forcing American to subsidize the private political speech of others. Continue reading

Former President of Vermont AFL-CIO and AFT unions supports Right to Work.

By Ben Johnson.  I support Right to Work. Nationwide in the private sector, in the public sector, in any other sectors that unions create, full stop. I spent the last decade as treasurer, then president of AFT Vermont and for three years president of the Vermont AFL-CIO, and I think it’s time to eliminate unions’ right to collect mandatory agency fees from non-members. That’s what the ‘Right to Work’ bill in Congress would strike down in the private sector, and that’s what I hope the US Supreme Court strikes down for the entire public sector next term if it takes up Janus vs. AFSCME, heard in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals March 1st. Continue reading

Workplace Freedom Amendment volunteers working through the summer.

Ohioans_for_Workplace_FreedomThe Workplace Freedom Amendment is alive and well and cranking up activities for the summer festivities Project Leader Sue Ellen King is asking volunteers to take full advantage of the summers festivals, fairs, and other gatherings to reach a goal of 1000 signatures each. This is also a great time to recruit a friend and get some help manning your booth or table.  Why not turn this into a group project,  its great when your […]

Ohio Teachers Union Calling for Big Labor “Phalanx”

North Eastern Ohio Education Association (NEOEA) will bash Big Labor’s critics and call for “all good union members to form a phalanx” at an annual conference this weekend, according to a conference agenda posted on the union’s website.

NEOEA, one of ten Ohio Education Association (OEA) regional districts, “serves members in 192 local professional staff organizations.” From 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on February 22, NEOEA will serve its members a large helping of reheated union rhetoric from the OEA Collective Bargaining Conference.

In a ”When Ideology Threatens Education and Educators’ Jobs” session, attendees of NEOEA’s Megaconference will learn ”the scope and main goals of key local and national anti-union and anti-public education groups pushing the corporate school reform agenda as well as the privatization of public schools.”

“We will explore key major opposition and corporate reform players, including the Koch brothers, Students First, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Tea Party Patriots, the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law and the Ohio School Board Leadership Council,” the agenda states.

The session will be led by OEA staffers Cristina Muñoz-Nedrow and Jeremy Baiman. Based on OEA’s latest report to the U.S. Department of Labor, in 2013 Muñoz-Nedrow was paid $165,551 with money taken from teachers, while Baiman was paid $49,881.

NEOEA’s Megaconference agenda lists Leadership Development, Personal Development, and Professional Development tracks. Of 35 sessions, only “When Ideology Threatens Education and Educators’ Jobs” is listed as a “double session.”

In a “Look for the Union Label” session, representatives of AFL-CIO’s Working America, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), AFL-CIO North Shore Federation of Labor, and other unions will discuss the importance of putting union considerations first.

“Now is the time for all good union members to form a phalanx,” the session description asserts.

“There is a war going on and it is against workers everywhere. Come and meet some of our brother and sisters. The members of this panel represent some of the many organized groups who are soldiers with us. It is essential that we as union members understand how we are connected. ‘Right to Work’ is the latest but not the last battle ground.”

In addition to telling members how to “form a phalanx” against the exact list of enemies OEA highlighted during its Collective Bargaining Conference earlier this month, NEOEA has planned an anti-workplace freedom session with the same content presented at OEA’s conference.

“Participants will examine the basics of the collective bargaining law, and look at why right to work arguments must be countered in order to preserve collective bargaining,” NEOEA’s Megaconference agenda states in the session description for “Right to Work: What’s Wrong with It?”

Right to Work laws only prevent unions from forcing workers to pay union dues or “fair share” fees, but don’t expect the session led by OEA Assistant Executive Director Kevin Flanagan to acknowledge that fact. Last year, Flanagan was paid $177,386 with money taken from Ohio teachers.

NEOEA’s conference will also tell union leaders how to pressure public school boards for contract terms on health benefits, planning time, and other issues.

In Leadership Development Track sessions led by Dan Ramos — who was paid $103,991 in teachers’ dues in 2013 — NEOEA conference attendees will also learn how to screen legislative candidates and encourage donations to OEA’s Fund for Children and Public Education (FCPE).

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Union Conservatives ‘Blasts’ UAW Executives for considering dues increase

UAW_Logo(Ypsilanti, Mi., 12/5/13) -Terry Bowman, president and founder of Union Conservatives, a non-profit organization with members in 35 states, today blasted UAW officials for considering an outrageous 25% dues increase on their already burdened membership. “This blatant notion by UAW officials to outsource their failed policies onto the backs of hard-working members will not go unanswered,” vowed Bowman, a 17-year UAW member who works for Ford Motor Co. “If UAW executives go down this ruinous path, we will put forth a call to action to the membership to publicly demand the UAW opens its books to a 3rd party auditor. We will find out exactly what union officials are spending our money on, and why they have not instead looked at deep cuts in expenses.”…. Continue reading

Boeing Aircraft starting search for new location to build 777’s

Boeing 777 off Assembly LineThis week, the International Association of Machinists rejected the latest offer from Boeing Aircraft.  Boeing Aircraft Company immediately announced it will be investigating the possibility of relocating the 777 assembly plant from its lifelong location in Everett Washington…. Continue reading

Ohio law thats makes signature collection more difficult is challanged in court.

ED NOTE – While working on the Healthcare Freedom Amendment,  I had an opportunity to have lunch with John Fund, The American Spectator.   He warned me that legislatures do everything they can to stop Citizens initiatives.  Ohio just passed SB47.

For those of you who helped collect the 1/2 million signatures that put the Healthcare Freedom Amendment on the ballot in 2011. Or those who are currently working on the Workplace Freedom Amendment, this story has a very personal meaning……

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