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Rep Kathleen Clyde; “Unions forced to represent non-members”. WRONG!!!!

KathleenClyde_75(OH-75)  Rep Kathleen Clyde’s  recent constituent newsletter contains several gross errors that she needs to issue a retraction to correct the false information.

I find it alarming that Rep Clyde,  a state legislature, did not perform due diligence when she stated in her newsletter;

“… under current law, unions have to represent all members of the bargaining unit, even if they aren’t union members.”

Rep Clyde is failing to provide her constituents with accurate and truthful data.  Had she checked, she would discover that…..  Continue reading

Toledo Mayoral Candidates – workers must be denied Freedom of Choice

Unions have the freedom of choice to force non-members to be represented by the union. Then the union has the audacity to force the non-member to pay for the union representation they don’t want!

If your one of the hard working middle class workers in Toledo fortunate enough to still have a job.

Then you need to know that three of the candidates running for Toledo City Mayor, believe that your hands should be tied, and that you,  and all

Workers must be denied their Freedom of Choice.

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Workers must be denied freedom of choice. They must be forced to join a union!

I had the opportunity to attend several candidate forums this week and the Workplace Freedom issue came up.  Also this week, Lucas County passed a resolution defying Workplace Freedom.

At the candidate forums,  several of the  candidates supported Workplace Freedom, and in one case, Toledo Mayoral candidate Michael Konwinski  knew exactly what it was, and gave a perfect description. (Ed note – kudos to Konwinski for being informed on this issue)…..

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Workplace Freedom: 2,000 Signatures in Ten Days

Ohioans_for_Workplace_FreedomA message from Bruce Hull, Ohioans for Workplace Freedom We are now in the middle of our campaign to collect “2000 signatures in 10 days.” We currently have 450 signatures collected.  Two special events for collecting signatures are coming up for us in the Dayton area, the Montgomery County Fair and Cedarfest. These are opportunities for collecting signatures that we will not have in during the winter months so we need to collect all we […]

Opportunity Ohio Worker Freedom Report

Worker Freedom Graph.jpgThis week, Opportunity Ohio released its latest worker freedom report.  The report looks at private sector job growth from 1990 to the most recently available final jobs data (June 2013).  Here are some facts from the report: Ohio’s private sector has only grown by 8 percent in the last 23.5 years. Ohio has experienced the 5th worst job growth among the states since 1990. The average worker freedom state grew 42 percent since 1990, while […]

Lucas County declares War on Workers Freedom

Lucas County declares War on Workers FreedomToday, Lucas County Commissioners  declared War on Worker Freedom.

In a unanimous vote,  Lucas County commissioners Carol Cantrada, Pete Gurkin, and Tina Skeldon Wozniak passed a resolution “Proclaiming Opposition to “Right to Work” Laws and the “Workplace Freedom” Constitutional Amendment. In doing so,  they have effectively stated that they do not support a Worker having a Freedom of choice in their workplace…..

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Union Conservatives president to address Right to Work supporters in Toledo, Oh.

Leading advocate for Michigan’s Freedom to Work law will declare: “Workplace Freedom is now on the table for Ohio”

(Toledo, Ohio) – Union Conservatives president Terry Bowman is announcing that he will be addressing a group of Right to Work supporters this Tuesday, July 23, 2013, at the Point Place Library, 2727 117th St Toledo, OH 43611. The time of the event is from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m……. Continue reading