City of Toledo updates data on Ohio Checkbook

Toledo_OhioCheckBookLast week we reported that the City of Toledo had not updated any of their spending data since 2014 on the Ohio Treasures web site

The Toledo page was disabled for the past 72 hours, and guess what.  We just checked it again and the data is nor updated and current up to June 30, 2016.

We encourage everyone to go look through Toledos checkbook,  ask questions.

The web site is the brain child of Ohio Treasure Josh Mandel.  When he became Ohio’s Treasure,  Ohio was ranked one of the lowest of all 50 states as far as fiscal transparency is concerned.

Since Mandel put up the site,  Ohio is now ranked #1 for fiscal transparency.

Treasure Mandel made the web site available to all Ohio public entities, free of charge, to place their financial data on for anyone to inspect.

We’re happy to see that Toledo choose to participate in this program.

CLICK HERE to go to

CLICK HERE to go to Toledo data on the Ohio Checkbook web site.

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