Common Core Hearings underminded by Chairman

OverflowCrowd_HB237Ohio: HB 237 CommonCore Repeal Recap

From Thea Shoemake

First, a heart-filled thanks to the hundreds of people who showed up yesterday…given that we pay for representative government, in our opinion, we deserved more than what we got from House Republican “leadership.”….

The hearing did not get underway until 7pm. Because Chairman #Stompyfeet decided to throw in other bills/testimony (when we were promised a proponent hearing only), Rep. Thompson’s witnesses, who flew in from Massachusetts, California and Georgia, did not get started until 8pm.

So many people showed up that the Atrium was full (500+), and when one of the witnesses asked Chairman #Stompyfeet why he didn’t book the Atrium to begin with, he said: “Well, it was booked,” and fled the conversation.

Um, excuse me? Then how is it available as an “overflow room?”

Answer: Chairman #Stompyfeet did not want a visual display of the overwhelming amount of Ohio taxpayers who have concerns about this issue.

Then to top it off, they tried to make it appear as if the room assignments were “at the request of Rep. Thompson,” lol. Um, that’s a lie. Andy requested the larger room and Chairman #Stompyfeet said no.

Thompson’s experts were credentialed, passionate and well-spoken. One’s IQ has the potential to soar just listening to them. Unless of course you are predisposed (or told) to ignore truth. Dr. Stotsky’s testimony was so compelling that #Stompyfeet Stebelton rudely tried to cut her off at the knees, and he would not allow the last few witnesses to testify because it was getting late…

…which would not have been an issue had he not pulled his – what turned out to be literal – 11th hour antics, inserting Fordham’s crony opposition testimony.

Co-Sponsor Kristina Roegner…huge disappointment.

Co-Sponsor John Becker…huge disappointment.

Matt Huffman, who was there for all of 20 seconds…huge disappointment.

“The high-minded man must care more for the truth than for what people think.” ~Aristotle

Ultimately, aside from HB 237 sponsor Rep. Andy Thompson, only three other representatives respectfully represented this state last night…

They were all Democrats:
Rep. Heather Bishoff
Rep. Fred Strahorn
Rep. John Patterson

At the very least, these representatives listened intently, and asked intelligent questions, which demonstrated that they were listening intently.

Ohio Republicans were impotent and ineffectual. Of course a couple – Stebelton and Brenner – acted like spoiled brats, upset that they had to listen to these witnesses, who individually make them look like dolts, and flew in on their own freaking dime to testify about the perils of Race to the Top/Common Core.

They were rude and sarcastic…no, they were sardonic.

Either way, Rep. Thompson spent most of the night under the Ohio Republican bus, and the sad reality, about which we all yearn to be wrong, was more glaring than ever…we can’t fix stupid in Ohio.

But we can vote it out of office.

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