Congressman Bob Gibbs (US Rep #7) endorses Jane Timkin for Ohio GOP Chair

In January, the Ohio Republican Party State central Committee will be meeting to  undertake new business,  including the election of the parties leader.  The current chairman, Matt Borges, will be facing at least one challenger,  Jane Timkin,  a prominent Ohio Republican who stated one of her goals is to work with all republicans, and to reunite the Republican Party. (SEE HERE)

Early this week we received a copy of a letter being distributed by Congressman Bob Gibbs (US House 7) stating his support for Jane Timkin as the new Ohio GOP Chairman.  (SEE HERE)

Chairman Borges has been divisive in his leadership and has driven many long time Republicans away from the party. If the Ohio Republican Party is to once again become a viable entity,  Chairman Borges needs to go.

Below is the letter from Congressman Gibbs supporting .  We hope that other representatives will understand the problem that Chairman Borges and support Jane Timkin as the new Chair.


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One response to “Congressman Bob Gibbs (US Rep #7) endorses Jane Timkin for Ohio GOP Chair

  1. Please! Everyone in the ares of these Town halls get to each and every meeting held by anyone. George Soros is paying protesters to show up to attack anyone or anything that will help Americans and America itself to get back to a Free Democratic society. Soros and his non profits are notifying everyone that there is a meeting in their area and paying for transportation and in some cases for paid protesters to disrupt the meetings and havoc. Support your President and congressman so we can keep Soros from using his money to collapse the USA.
    Please if anyone has a phone tree or other computer presence get the word out when ever possible.