Conservative voters refuse to vote for Establishment Candidates

PieChart_KasichEarlier this week, a survey went out to Ohio Conservative voters asking them how they’d vote if presented with 4 different election scenarios;  Bush, Christie, Kasich, or Trump running against Clinton or Biden.

The results were not surprising,  as conservative voters in Ohio are angry and frustrated with the “next in line” Republican Party Establishment candidates, and their unwillingness to fight for conservative values that have been the Hallmark of Republicans for 100’s of years.


Frustration across the entire Republican voter base continues to grow.  This couldn’t be more obvious with the rise of candidate Trump, who vocalizes what Republican voters have been saying for years, but ignored by the party.

The reality of the establishment Republicans is this:  They hear us, but have chosen to ignore us.  In their minds, if they want to stay in power, they must cater to the moderate / liberal left voter whom they can steal away from their Democrat opponent.

The results verify what we’ve known for a few years, Republican voters in Ohio (and across the nation) are fed up with the moderate left Republican Party, and will no longer support them, even if it means throwing an election to a Democrat.

The Toledo Tea Party has an identical poll running that is open to the public and anyone can participate.  (CLICK HERE)   Please share the link with anyone you like.

The results shown here are based on over 400 conservative voters who participated in the weekend survey.

The survey asks how you would vote in each of the theoretical election scenarios (i.e. Bush vs Clinton).

PieChart_BushJeb Bush

  • 66% – Leave it BLANK
  • 32% – Vote for Bush
  • 2% – Vote for Clinton

PieChart_ChristieChris Christie

  • 65% – Leave it BLANK
  • 34% – Vote for Christie
  • 2% – Vote for Clinton

PieChart_KasichJohn Kasich

  • 59% – Leave it BLANK
  • 39% – Vote for Kasich
  • 3% – Vote for Clinton

PieChart_TrumpDonald Trump

  • 27% – Leave it BLANK
  • 71% – Vote for Trump
  • 2% – Vote for Clinton



How many Conservative candidates lost in 2012 because people stayed home.  The same thing happened in Ohio’s 2014 governors election, 25% of the voters who participated in the 2010 governors election stayed home.  How many conservative candidates lost because these conservative voters stayed home.

In the 2014 election, we predicted this was happening and made last minute get-out-the-vote efforts to get conservative voters to the polling places.   “Three Other Choices” instructed voters who refused to support Kasich that their vote was needed for the down ticked candidates,  and they had three other choices as far as the Governors race.  We’ll revamp this site if necessary for the Presidential race in order to convince voters to not stay at home.


The survey results clearly show that its imperative that Ohio’s conservative voters need to unite behind a single candidate.  If Conservatives split and fragment,  Ohio voters will be stuck with a Bush or a Christie.

The NW Ohio Conservative Coalition created a program called  “Ohio Conservatives United” in order to get Ohio’s conservative voters to unite.  This program has the support of conservatives across Ohio, and in fact,  has also been started in Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and other states.


The foundation of the Republican Party is the county Central Committee. It all starts here.  The system is not broken.  We have been ignoring it.

Run for your counties Republican Party Central Committee.  If you don’t know how or what.  Go to “Your Name On The Ballot” web site and find out.  Call the people at the Ohio Precinct Project.

3 responses to “Conservative voters refuse to vote for Establishment Candidates

  1. Great article, very insightful.

  2. Is this a scientific poll? What steps did you take to keep people from voting more than once? We’re these registered Republican voters?

  3. John Weber,; Yes, this was a scientific poll that went out to conservative voters only. They are allowed to vote only once as their IP addresses are recorded and cookies are enabled.

    This poll was NOT open to the general public, However, we are running an identical poll that is open to the general public. You may participate in the pubic version at: