Delaney pleased with BOE re-assignments

Diana Skaff and Bill Delaney - candidates for SCC#11 against Gallagher and StainbrookFrom State Central Committee #11 Candidate Bill Delaney.

TOLEDO, OH– The Lucas County Board of Elections made a long overdue change to the Administration of the Board of Elections. In a three to 1 vote, Meghan Gallagher was dismissed as Director, and Gina Kaczala was approved, and sworn in as the new Director. (Jon Stainbrook was the dissenting vote) This change culminates years of what the Secretary of State (SoS) described as, dysfunctional, divisive, and an atmosphere of non professionalism at the Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE). The BOE was under SoS supervision for a period of time, and at one point, the SoS suggested replacement of the Director Gallagher…

“I wish to congratulate Director Kaczala on her assignment, She is more than qualified with years of experience, honesty, and integrity to perform the duties before her. I look forward to working with Ms Kaczala, the BOE, and all Republicans in Lucas county.”

“As you know, I am challenging Jon Stainbrook for the Republican Party State Central Committee seat (Senate District #11), and I am pursuing the Chairmanship for the Lucas County Republican party Chairman.”

“I have asked Mr Stainbrook to meet in front of Republicans to debate me, and discuss what he has done to represent the Republican party in this capacity. To date I have not been able to reach Mr Stainbrook, and my calls go unanswered. For years the outer regions, and rural area of Lucas County have been ignored by Mr Stainbrook, under his leadership the Republican party has fallen into decay. I will work to restore the LCRP to that of honesty, integrity, and openness.”

Bill Delaney



Diana Skaff is running against Meghan Gallagher for  Republican State Central Committee Dist #11

Bill Delany is running against Jon Stainbrook for Republican State Central Committee Dist #11

2 responses to “Delaney pleased with BOE re-assignments

  1. I promise to challenge your petitions if you somehow get away with getting to challenge Stainbrooks.

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  2. John McAvoy

    Paul – You won’t need to worry about any challenges. The challenge deadline passed a couple weeks ago and we still have no idea who’s on the ballot.