Democrats attempt to re-write history by blaming soldiers for slavery

The Military and its soldiers are called upon by the government that controls them.  They take their orders from these leaders.

The Democrat party bears the sole responsibility for the most treasonous war in our history.  The Democrats in the south wanted to keep their slaves.  Republicans in the North said that all Men are created equal and should be free , not slaves.

Copy this meme. Post it everywhere you see an article about monuments being removed or destroyed. Lets not allow the Democrat Party to white wash history..

And the war began.  The Democrats fought to keep their slaves,  Republicans fought to free the slaves.

Democrats are attempting to whitewash history and refocus blame for slavery on the military.

Everywhere I see a posting or article about monuments being removed or military being blamed, I’ll remind people that the Civil war and slavery was not a result of the Military, the soldiers, or Generals.  The responsibility for Slavery and the Civil War rest solely at the hands of the Democrat Party.

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Lets place the blame for this atrocity where it belongs, squarely on the soldiers of the Democrat Party.

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