Join Us at Notre Dame to Learn About the Common Core

September 9, 2013 @ 1:00 pm – 9:30 pm
University of Notre Dame (Auditorium)
University of Notre Dame
112 North Notre Dame Avenue, South Bend, Indiana 46556
Heidi Huber

Day long Common Core presentaion at Notre-DameToledo Tea Party has not reported a lot on this problem called “Common Core”. This is a day trip, but I promise it will be packed full of everything you did not want to know about Common Core.

You MUST contact Heidi Huber to let her know you’ll be attending.  Heidi will help you with arrangement for the event. Please read….

Emmett McGroarty of the American Principles Project has asked me to extend complimentary seats to each of you for the Common Core symposium being held on the Notre Dame campus September 9th. The event is being being sponsored by APP, Pioneer Institute and Heartland Institute. Please see link below. The line up of speakers and topics promises to offer the most comprehensive event to date on this federal takeover of our state and local education system and should be considered a must attend event. Many of the event’s prominent speakers will be offering expert testimony at our HB237 Repeal Bill hearings that begin October 8th. I realize this is an all-day event on a work day for most of us but promises to be worth the price of a vacation day. In the event you cannot join us, please ask one of your members who could spearhead this cause within your group to attend on your behalf.

It is absolutely critical that Ohio fully engage in the fight to repeal Common Core. We have all the elements necessary to lead and win, along with the imperative of the 2014 and 2016 elections. “As goes Ohio, so goes the Nation” is a pretty heavy burden to carry but isn’t that why we have given up every moment of what used to be our normal lives, to defend our children’s future? I trust you will acknowledge that the education of our children and a parent’s right of authority are fundamental liberties and that as Ohio leaders you will make this a top priority.

Please consider this…if we wouldn’t have ignored the threat when they set up shop thirty-plus years ago in our classrooms, would we be fighting the false pretense that the federal government knows best which has resulted in a federal takeover of healthcare, infringement on our right to bear arms, the destruction of our 10th Amendment protections, IRS profiling, NSA citizen violations and blanket amnesty? No. It has been through the indoctrination via education and their manipulation of our economy that we find ourselves at the brink of bankruptcy both morally and economically. Reclaim our education system and you reclaim the future of our Republic. It is a constitutionally defined state function, no debate or amendment required. It re-seats the authority of the parent, taxpayer and state legislator simultaneously. Between your state income tax and local property tax, education far exceeds all other costs of government having become a fiscal tyranny. Public policy, cultural norms and societal acceptance are driven by our youth. Capture their passion with the taste of liberty and you beat the progressive at his own game. That’s why the only Republican candidate that had a real college-age contingent was Ron Paul – he promoted liberty not progressivism-lite.


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