Gov Candidate Renacci Scorecard comparison

On June 24th, the four Ohio Governor candidates made presentations to Ohio’s Conservative group leaders in an all day event near Columbus. Following that meeting, Tom Z. from the We the People Convention ran a poll of the attendees in which Candidate Renacci came in first with a 61% (READ HERE).

During Candidates Renacci’s presentation, he was asked about his congressional score card ratings. His response was that his Congressional voting record paralleled that of Conservative Rep Jim Jordon. We reviewed the scorecards published by two different organizations and found MR Renacci’s record was significantly below that of Rep Jordon’s.

Click on the Percent number to review the scorecard report


Renacci Jordon Congressional
OH16 OH4 Average
Heritage 112th (2011 / 2012) 52 95 66
Heritage 113th (2013 / 2014) 55 90 61
Heritage 114th (2014 / 2015) 64 95 65
Freedom Works 112th (2011) 74 97
Freedom Works 112th (2012) 35 95
Freedom Works 113th (2013) 59 86
Freedom Works 113th (2014) 48 100
Freedom Works 114th (2015) 68 100
Freedom Works 114th (2016) 72 100




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