Josh Mandel Launches U.S. Senate Campaign to Shake Up Washington

COLUMBUS – Josh Mandel launched his campaign for U.S. Senate today with a pledge to continue the historic national movement underway to shake up Washington. Mandel’s Pearl Harbor Day launch coincides with the 75th Anniversary of the December 7, 1941, attacks on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, that led to the U.S. involvement in World War II. Mandel officially announced his candidacy through an online video to supporters, which included a promise that he will be First to Fight to empower the American people. Click Here to View Josh Mandel’s U.S. Senate Campaign Launch Video – “First to Fight” and read the full script, excerpts of which are included below:

“I’ve been honored to serve my country in the Marine Corps during two tours of duty in Iraq, protecting our values, our way of life, and our freedoms. As your Treasurer, I’ve been fighting to make Ohio’s government more accountable and transparent. Now it’s time to take the fight to Washington. That’s why I’m running for the United States Senate,” said Treasurer Mandel.

“It’s time to transfer power from politicians to the people, so every Ohioan has the freedom to live the life they want and the opportunity to work the job they want to work. Most people think Washington is broken, but it’s really just a rigged system. Politicians and their cronies get rich while the middle class struggles. I’ll fight to finally bring term limits to Washington, so politicians answer to us, not lobbyist and special interest groups. We need an immigration policy that secures our borders and protects our citizens. That means no sanctuary cities where illegal aliens can live freely. And when people in Washington talk about the threats we face today, they can’t even say the words, ‘radical Islam.’ I will never back down from our enemies. I will never succumb to political correctness. And I will never forget that we are a nation founded and steeped in Judeo-Christian values,” continued Mandel.

View Josh Mandel’s U.S. Senate Campaign Launch Video – “First to Fight”

Josh Mandel is a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours of duty in Anbar Province, Iraq and graduated first in his class from Marine Corps Intelligence School. He cut taxes on Lyndhurst City Council, earned two terms as State Representative in a predominantly Democrat district in the Cleveland area, and will be the first Ohio Treasurer in a quarter century to complete two full terms in office. Josh ran for U.S. Senate in 2012, coming up just short in the closest U.S. Senate race in 40 years in Ohio.

Josh Mandel has the work ethic of a Marine, and has proven that he will be First to Fight for the principles he believes in. As a strong fiscal, social, and national security conservative, Treasurer Mandel is uniquely positioned to unify the Republican Party in the 2018 primary.  Having represented all 11.5 million Ohioans for the last six years, and running on his fourth statewide ballot, Josh has the name identification, organizational advantage, and grassroots network to defeat any GOP primary opponent. Josh is a proven fundraiser who raised over $19 million in 2012.

In the 2018 General Election, Josh will set his sights on one of the nation’s most vulnerable Senate incumbents, Sherrod Brown. As a strong supporter of the Obama-Clinton agenda that Ohio voters rejected by nine points in 2016, Brown will face an Ohio electorate that wants real change in Washington. Josh Mandel, who has never lived or worked in Washington, represents a new generation of leaders who will enact real reforms to keep America safe, free, and prosperous.

Josh Mandel’s accomplishments in the Ohio Treasurer’s office include:

  • Josh will be the first to fight Washington corruption. His office helped uncover a $3.2 million bribery and kickback scheme and cleaned up the office from the previous administration;
  • Improving Ohio’s financial ranking from 43rd to 7th in the nation, earning a “AAA” credit rating, and receiving recognition from the Association of Government Accountants for “Excellence in Financial Management” and the “Public Integrity Award” from the American Society for Public Administration for “outstanding contributions to responsible and ethical conduct in public service”; and,
  • Improving Ohio’s ranking from 46th to 1st in the nation in government transparency with the launch of, which set a new national transparency standard by displaying state and local checkbook spending and salaries online.

Prior to his election as Treasurer, Josh led the charge as State Representative to have Ohio pension funds divest from Iran and other terror sponsoring nations. As a Lyndhurst City Councilman he spearheaded the first successful municipal property rollback in city history. Treasurer Mandel holds a Bachelor Degree from The Ohio State University and a Law Degree from Case Western Reserve University. Josh and his wife Ilana reside in the Cleveland area with their three children Rosie, Judah and Gideon.

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