NWOCC announces local Candidate and Issue endorsements

The board of the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) is endorsing the following candidates:

For Toledo City Council: 
Patricia Robinson
Harvey Savage
Sandy Spang

For Rossford City Council:
Bob Densic
Jerry Staczek

For Sylvania Township Trustee:
John Crandall

Issue 1 and 2:
We are also recommending a No vote

On local levy issues, we encourage voters to only support levies where there has been a performance audit conducted and its recommendations implemented.

There are many fine conservative  candidates in many of the local races.  The lack of a formal endorsement by NWOCC in a particular race does not imply that there are no good candidates running. Voters should always do their own homework on the candidates and issues.

Linda Bowyer, Chair
Jeff Lydy, Treasurer
John McAvoy
Mario Goveia

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