NWOCC welcomes Tom and Deneen Borelli to Toledo

(Toledo)  Hundreds of NW Ohio conservatives  converged on downtown Toledo to participate in the NW Ohio Conservative Coalitions biennial  fundraiser dinner.

Every two years, the NWOCC hosts a sit down dinner to allow Conservative activist from around NW Ohio to take a couple hours, sit down, relax, enjoy a good meal with good company, and share our experiences, our strength, and our hope with each other.

This year, we were honored to have Tom and Deneen Borelli join us for the evening.  As our other guests arrived, Tom and Deneen made themselves at home, mingled and took the time to talk to everyone, a very “family” atmosphere similar to that you may find at a family reunion.  Tom and Deneen really have a knack for interacting with people and putting you at ease.

Marty Lahey, owner of Manhattan’s Restaurant, his staff, and the volunteers from UT College Republicans and the UT Young Americans for Liberty helped Marty serve a 1st class dinner to our guests.

As we finished dinner, Dr Nykodym, Facilitator of the UT College Republicans (UTCR) introduced two of the members of the UTCR.    Kelli Market and Casey Cheap spoke briefly on who and what the UTCR is, and briefed us on their recent CPAC trip.  NWOCC played a part in helping the UTCR with a fundraiser that enabled them to participate and send students to the annual CPAC convention in Washington DC.  One of the stated goals of NWOCC is to help nourish young responsible people, as they are truly our countries future.

Chery Garlow then spoke briefly of their upcoming “Student Liberty Camp” , teaching young people about constitution, founding, etc.  NWOCC helps Cheryl and her group host this event every summer.

One of the surprise highlights of the evening was a special presentation by Cheryl Garlow  and Linda Bishop from the Findlay 912 group.

John McAvoy receiving recognition for all the work he does.Chery Blakely, Linda Bowyer, Linda Bishop and several other “Conspirators” took it upon themselves to very secretly contact as many Conservative members and leaders around NW Ohio. They collected cards and signatures, and created a very nice plaque to thank and recognize the time and inexhaustible work John Mc Avoy puts into the Conservative movement.  John was absolutely totally surprised, and had no idea that this was about to happen.  Thank you everyone for making this a very special day for John,  he deserves our thanks, gratitude, and the recognition.

A little teary eyed, John spoke briefly about all the people who get out there and walk their talk.  Its tough being a conservative, its tough standing up for what you believe is right. It makes it a lot easier when you can stand beside each other and occasionally lean on each other when you need a short rest.

John introduced three candidates who’ll be running for office in November; Ron Johns – Toledo City Council, Bill Delaney – Toledo City Council,  and Tina Henold – Toledo Public School Board.

Freedom WorksTom and Deneen were the headline for this event.  Before introducing them, John took a moment to talk about how he had meet Tom and Deneen;  He travels to Freedom Works a couple times a year to confer with other group leaders from around the country,  John meet Tom and Deneen about a year ago when they starting working with Freedom Works as Director of Outreach. Freedom Works couldn’t have picked better people to do the job.

Tom Borelli speaking at ToledoTom has a doctorate in Bio Chemistry and was a big uppity up in the corporate world. He found himself asking the same questions as we do, and decided to give up the high life, and uses his connections today to lead the charge against Crony Capitalism, and the effects its having on our country.  Teaming up with Freedom Works to bring attention to the Big Government – Big Corporation relationship that leaves Americans holding the bag when things go wrong. Look at www.GEGiveItBack.com

Deneen Borelli speaking at ToledoDeneen spoke briefly about her upbringing, and how the moral values instilled in her impacted her life. She also found herself moving up the corp ladder, but one day asked herself what the heck was going on, and what could he do about it.   Deneen put all this into writing, and never imagined she would become a best seller, and a popular image on TV and Radio. Her book, Blacklash, documents her journey thru life and should be an inspiration to all of us, not just the minority community.  This book is not well liked in the minority communities, as it tells it like it is.

NWOCC Linda BowyerAt the closing of the event,  Linda Bowyer and John McAvoy presented Tom and Deneen with the Official and highly praised “NWOCC – I vote conservative” tee-shirts.


We, NWOCC, want to thank everyone who attended, and those who were not able to make it.  Please mark you calendar for next years NW Ohio  Conservative Conference,  Saturday, May 3rd, Perrysburg as we begin the planning process for the event.

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