Ohio GOP asks Conservative Candidate to “Denounce” use of logo on their literature

OHGOP_DeclaresWarThe Ohio GOP’s war on Conservative Republicans took a weird and unusual twist today when the Executive Director contacted Republican candidates and asked them to “Denounce” the use of the Republican Party logo on their campaign materials,   WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT???

OK – This is weird, so follow along very closely,  it still won’t make sense. 🙂

Loyal members of the Republican Party running as Republican candidates for seats on the Republican Party State Central Committee are being asked by the Republican Party to write a letter that “denounces” the use of the Republican Party logo on campaign materials they designed and paid for.  (head scratching).

We’ve heard from several Conservative Republican candidates running for State Central Committee that they’ve received a phone call from a female identifying herself as Katie Eagan, Executive Director, Ohio Republican Party.  Neither Chairman Borges or Katie Eagan could be reached to verify these phone calls.

In Lucas County, SCC11 incumbent member Bill Delaney says he’s received one of these phone calls and could not believe his ears.

Mr Delaney says:

“Diana Skaff and I are life long loyal Republicans.  We’re both running as Republican candidates for Republican party state offices, conducting Republican party business.”

“I don’t think Ms Eagan is aware that Diana and I paid for these cards. We helped design them, we paid to have them printed, and we paid to mail them.  Why would we denounce our own cards?”

Diana Skaff, who’s running as the woman candidate for SCC11 says:

“This is why Republicans across Ohio and the nation are fed up. The Party is doing everything they can to intimidate and threaten us. This thing with the logo is how petty and low the party goes to squelch anyone who questions the status quo.”

“Wasn’t it 4 years ago the Ohio GOP put a cute little tea pot on all their campaign material in order to make people think they were conservatives.  Its ironic,  today the Ohio GOP is doing everything in their power to get rid of the conservatives.”

Delaney added;

“Why does the Ohio GOP target Diana and I, yet they support Gallagher and Stainbrook.”

Bill Delaney is the incumbent and is endorsed by the Ohio Republican Party.  Diana Skaff is challenging SCC 11 woman Meghan Gallagher.  Ms Gallagher, a close associate of Jon Stainbrook, was fired as Director of the Lucas County Board of Elections last spring. Jon Stainbrook was fired from the 4 member board several months later following a weeks of testimony and investigation by the Secretary of State Jon Husted.

Dirty Tricks, again – The Republican party has officially endorsed Delaney,  yet there are unconfirmed reports that the Ohio Republican Party is quietly channeling funds to two challengers, Jon Stainbrook AND  Paul Hoag.  The Ohio GOP has a history of doing this in previous SCC elections. (Endorse one candidate,  fund the opponent)

This makes sense, if either Stainbrook or Hoag win SCC11,  the party gets rid of Delaney and gains a yes man.

The Ohio GOP SCC races are happening in all 33 SCC districts. You can CLICK HERE to find out who to support in your district

Below is the card that Delaney and Skaff created, printed, and mailed to Republican voters in their district. Cards with similar artwork are being mailed by Republican candidates and Political Action Committees throughout Ohio.




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  1. Bill, Diana, and the rest of the people receiving phone calls should ask for an email of the request from Katie Eagan. Would be great if she’d put it in writing. That would be something to pass onto the press.