Ohio GOP declares War on Ohio’s Conservative Republicans

OHGOP_DeclaresWarAs we welcome the new year, county Board of Elections (BOE) have released the candidate lists for who appears on the March 15 ballot. National attention is on the Presidential races where a phenomenon of dissatisfied Republicans has launched conservative candidates into the top 5 rankings, leaving the standard “Establishment” candidates like Kasich and Bush sitting on the side lines with single digit poll ratings.

In Ohio, this Republican dissatisfaction phenomenon is spilling all the way down the Republican party ticket, reaching deeply into the party structure itself, the Republican Party County and State County Central Committee’s.

A public records request of the BOEs shows that a record 133 Republicans filed petitions to run for the 66 State Central Committee (SCC) seats. Almost every one of the 66 seats of the Ohio  Republican Party State Central Committee are under challenge by conservative Republicans who’ve declared they’ve had enough.

Here in NW Ohio, we have four Candidates that are being targeted by the Ohio GOP for extinction.  These are the candidates that we need to support.

Cheryl Blakely (SCC-1)
Renata Walters (SCC-2)
William Delaney (SCC-11)  (Incumbent)
Diana Skaff (SCC-11)

Ohio GOP Chair Borges shot the opening salvo in his “War On Conservative Republicans” several weeks ago in an e-mail rant against two current SCC members, Cooper (SCC26)  and Burkholder (SCC31),  who “dared” disagree with Chair Borges.

Chair Borges conveniently arranged to have these two “non-conformers” challenged in their districts in an attempt to have their names removed from the ballot (CLICK HERE) .  The Ohio GOP’s challenge to Burkholder was denied by the county Board of Elections as unfounded and without merit,  Burkholder remains on the ballot in SCC31,  Coopers challenge is still pending and has been forwarded to the Sec of State.

THIS IS HOW THE PARTY ROLLS. Go along or else.

SCC18 Conservative Republican candidate, Linda O’Brien (SCC18), was speaking before a conservative group several weeks ago. The 11 minute video of her presentation has gone viral in the Conservative community as it describes perfectly the problem within the Ohio GOP, and what she intends to do about it when she gets elected.  Every Republican should watch this video.

Chairman Borges and the Ohio GOP aren’t taking this threat to their domain sitting down. Several weeks ago, the Ohio GOP initiated a telephone poll asking Ohio Republican voters who they would support as their State Central Committee representative.

Chairman Borges will be using the poll data to determine where he needs to spend Republican Party money to defeat Conservative Republicans candidates that are a threat to him.

THIS IS HOW THE PARTY ROLLS. Go along or else.

Who should you support?

There appears to be a well organized and funded effort to recruit and back Conservative Republicans to run for the State Central Committee seats.

The organizers of this effort have been closed mouth as to their strength and resources, but assure us when the time comes,  Conservative Republicans in Ohio will know who will represents them,  and who represents themselves.

How can I figure out what SCC district I’m in,  and who the Conservative Republican candidate is?


Go to the Voter Name Lookup (CLICK HERE).  Select your county, enter your last name, (You might also want to enter the first letter of your first name) hit SUBMIT.

Verify its you by looking at the address and the Year of Birth (YOB)

There are four columns,

PTY = Party
OHH = Ohio House (1 – 99)
OHS = Ohio Senate (1 – 33)  This is also used as the SCC district number
USH = United States House of Representatives (1 – 16)

Look at the OHS (Ohio Senate)  – This same number is used as your State Central Committee number


The groups that are helping organize the conservative candidates have chosen to not release the names at this time.

HOWEVER – It would be safe to say that you can look at the candidates who voted to lie about the Kasich endorsement (CLICK HERE),  these candidates probably are NOT on the Conservative Republican Candidate list.  🙂

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