Rep Kathleen Clyde; “Unions forced to represent non-members”. WRONG!!!!

KathleenClyde_75(OH-75)  Rep Kathleen Clyde’s  recent constituent newsletter contains several gross errors that she needs to issue a retraction to correct the false information.

I find it alarming that Rep Clyde,  a state legislature, did not perform due diligence when she stated in her newsletter;

“… under current law, unions have to represent all members of the bargaining unit, even if they aren’t union members.”

Rep Clyde is failing to provide her constituents with accurate and truthful data.  Had she checked, she would discover that…..  there is no such legislative authority for this,  and in fact, the opposite is true:

unions have a Freedom of Choice. Unions make the decision to force union representation on all employees in a bargaining unit, regardless if they are union members or not.

Then, to show how unfair this is, the union has the audacity to force those non-members into paying a fee for the  representation that the unions forced upon them. 

The non-member did not ask for union representation, does not want union representation, and in many cases, doesn’t like that their fees are used for political objectives that he/she may not agree with.


The above excerpt from Rep Clyde’s newsletter.

SO, the question is, if there is no law requiring unions to represent non-members,  way do unions do it?  Why does  a  union represent “free-riders”,  those non-members who gain from representation, but don’t pay the dues.

First,  I want to clarify that the use of the name   “free-rider” doesn’t accurately portray whats really happening. The non-member has no choice in his/her representation and  isn’t a   “free-rider”,  they’re actually being held hostage as  a  “Captive Passenger”

Why does Rep Clyde and the unions hide this important fact:

Unions represent all employees,  members and no-members alike,   because thats what they want to do, and they write it into their contract.  DUH.

Below is an example of how this reads.  This is the current contract from the Toledo Federation of Teachers;


Within the contract you’ll find whats called an “Exclusive Representation” clause.  Please goto Wikipedia or a dictionary and look up the word “Exclusive”

Because of this “Exclusive Representation” clause,  the union effectively says,  “we bargain for ALL employees, regardless if they are members or not, PERIOD”.

Unions can stop bargaining for those nasty free-riders at any time,  all they need to do is remove the “Exclusivity” clause,  and, BAM,  They only bargain for their members.

If the union wrote their contract to bargain for “Members Only”,  AND, they are doing a bang up job and providing good quality representation to their members at a good price.  The non-member employees will sign up to become members.

On the other hand,  if the union sucks, and the only time you see them is on Friday when union dues  are collected,  then odds are,  that union will die off and probably be replaced by a union that’s more responsive to the needs of the worker.

If a union does a good job representing their members, everyone wins, The Union wins,  the Members win,  the employer wins.


What Workplace Freedom does.

Workplace Freedom is NOT SB5.  It does NOT prevent anyone from joining or organizing a union.  It does NOT alter any contracts. And in fact, It doesn’t even prevent  unions from forcing their representation on non-members.

Workplace freedom does one thing, and one thing only:

If a union makes a decision to force their representation onto non-members,  the  non-members can refuse to pay for that representation.

THAT’S IT……  Doesn’t  this sound Fair?


One other point that Rep Clyde made in her newsletter that is also wrong:

Rep Clyde  states incorrectly;

What they won’t tell you is that under current law, no one is required to join a union. Under current law, no one is required to pay union dues.”

That is not correct.  I have performed hundreds of presentation on Workplace Freedom.  In every presentation,  I make it clear,  Workers in Ohio currently have the choice as to becoming a union member.

I also remind them that  if they refuse to become a member, they are still forcibly represented by the union. They will not have a vote in negotiations, and they will be forced to pay a “Fair Share” fee for the representation that the union is forcing upon them..

I would applaud the opportunity to do a presentation for Rep Kathleen Clyde in her district,  and any other Representatives who need to provide their constituents with accurate and timely information on exactly what Workplace freedom is,  what it does, and doesn’t do.


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