Rep Vitale votes NO to Obamacare Medicaid Expansion


Rep Vitale (Dist-85) took a strong stand and voted NO. Rep Vitale is an example of what a STRONG Republican party looks like.

The following 8 NW Ohio Republicans voted to approve Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Ohio’s Budget, against the will of the people and against their campaign promises.

Tim Brown (03-R)     (614-466-8104)
Robert R. Cupp (04-R)    (614-466-9624)
Barb Sears (47-R)    (614-466-1731)
Robert McColley (81-R)    (614-466-3760)
Tony Burkley (82-R)    (614-644-5091)
Robert Sprague (83-R)    (614-466-3819)
Bill Reineke (88-R)    (614-466-1374)
Steve  W. Kraus (89-R)    (614-644-6011)

To you 8 Republicans, read below, this is what “fighting to stop Obamacare” looks like.   You and the other 52  house Republicans who voted yes on the budget should have fought to stop Obamacare.  Instead,  you cowered on one of the most important issues in the budget.

COLUMBUS—State Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) voted no on the Ohio Republican House Budget.

Am. Sub. House Bill 64, the main state biennial operating budget, includes many great items however, even with all the great policy; it has one problem that according to Vitale outweighs all the good items. The problem is an $8.5 billion Obamacare expansion in Ohio. This one single point is not being talked about and all the other positive republican items are being trumpeted.

“I really wanted to vote for this budget and worked with leadership and others to have the Obamacare Expansion in Ohio removed and put in a separate bill so we could focus on that as an individual issue” said Vitale “but instead, it is now buried in the main budget.”

Vitale added, “We continue to take money from a federal government that is already $18 trillion in debt and borrow from other countries like China. We must stop contributing to the problem. This is not free money, it is debt.”

Additionally, this budget spends $10 billion more of Ohio tax payer dollars. This is a 9.6% increase over the previous budget. I can find no fiscally responsible reason to increase the burden on Ohio by 10%. This measure of growth is 3 times the rate of inflation and doubles the expected earnings of the average Ohioan over the next 2 years. Rep. Vitale said “I understand that controlling government spending is difficult but I believe modest growth was possible and would have been more prudent and fiscally responsible to all Ohioans.”

Vitale continued saying “This was a tough decision, because as stated, this budget has many great things that I do like and support, however, at the end of the day I cannot turn a blind eye to the blatant Obamacare expansion and the many emails and phone calls to my office telling me my district does not support Obamacare expansion. This is what directed my vote as I must represent what the people want and the principles I said I would stand for if elected.”

House Bill 64 now heads to the Senate for further consideration.



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To see the floor speech Vitale gave last night, click on the video above and it will play at the 50:50 mark.

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