Ron Johns to join Toledo Tea Party Board of Directors

RonJohns_1We at The Toledo Tea Party are happy to announce and welcome our newest board member, Ron Johns. Ron is a young passionate conservative who brings a new perspective and new skills to our team. With Ron on our board we are excited to expand our reach and expand our effectiveness to younger groups often left out of the Tea Party dialogue.

Ron Johns was born and raised in Toledo and has strong ties within the community. He is a graduate of Maumee High School and The University of Toledo. During college he founded the local Young Americans For Liberty on UT’s campus (TU for you older folks) and was its president for two years until graduation. While still at the University of Toledo at the tender age of 20 Ron not even older enough to drink ran for Toledo City Council and did a strong job promoting liberty minded issues.

Today Ron Johns is still a strong advocate for liberty and runs his own local blog and a national publication called The Conservatarian. Ron for work runs his own DJ business called and does marketing for a local contracting company.

We are extremely excited for Ron to join us on our board and look forward to the work we will be doing from thus forward. Please make sure to join us in welcoming Ron and make sure to join us at our next event!

John McAvoy – Chairman
Diana Skaff – Co-Chair
Kathleen Sallah – Treasure
Rolly Hough – Board
Ron Johns – Board

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