Sec of State Husted rejects Stainbrook / Gallagher nomination to the Board of Elections

Stain_LCRPSecretary of state Jon Husted rejected the nomination made by LCRP Stainbrook and Gallagher.  Stainbrook,  who was fired from the BOE by the Sec of State,  and Gallagher, who was fired as the Director by the board, had forwarded the name of Mark Davis as their nominee to sit on the four member Board of Elections.

In a statement just released, Sec Husted said he couldn’t appoint someone to the board that  “..has been reprimanded by both the Ohio and Michigan Supreme Courts for deliberately deceiving the public during an election,would jeopardize the good-faith efforts made by the Lucas County Board of Elections to rebuild after dealing with the dysfunction that plagued them in the past,” Mr. Husted said. “The voters of Lucas County deserve better and I will do my part to ensure they get it,”

Sec Husted has not yet named the person to fill the seat,  but many Republicans and Lucas County clubs and groups sent Sec Husted letters recommending that Mark Wagoner Sr, be reappointed to the term.

Stainbrook and Gallagher also recruited Mark Davis to run against Mark Wagoner Jr as the Republican Party State Central Committee in District 2. SEE “WAR ON WAGONERS”

Stainbrook and Gallagher are running for Republican Party State Central Committee District 11, against Bill Delaney and Diana Skaff.

Jim Provance,, Columbus Bureau, just posted this article. (READ HERE)

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