Senate Minority Leader McConnell declares war on conservatives.

Below is a letter I just received from Freedom Works,  who was named as “The Enemy” by Sen McConnell in a Senate republican meeting.

For any Tea Party, Conservative, or liberty minded person who’s been involved and had their eyes open.  You’ve always suspected that your battle didn’t start with the liberal Democrat Party.  It starts by you expending your time, energy, and resources fighting the Republican establishment….

This is a hot topic that’s just breaking,  and the question is, where do we go from here?  I don’t know.  We are relying on Sen McConnell to hold firm on the current battles, and must support that effort.

If your going to donate money to help this fight,  I would say three organizations

NW Ohio Conservative Coalition
(Your money spent locally, here in NW Ohio on local issues)

Freedom Works for America

Senate Conservative fund


**************   From Freedom Works   **************


Mitch McConnell called you a traitor.

I don’t know if you just heard Glenn Beck. But McConnell said that if you supported our fight to Defund ObamaCare, you’re a traitor. Apparently, he thinks that fighting Obama means you and I aren’t patriots.

And John, we’re not going to let Mitch McConnell intimidate us. We’re going to keep fighting Obama. We’re going to keep fighting ObamaCare. And we’re going to fight any RINO who won’t stand up to Obama and Reid.

But to keep the pressure on — to have a fighting chance at realizing the fruit of our efforts — we need to continue to mobilize our network of over 6 million conservative activists. And to keep them equipped with the tools they need to win, we need to raise at least $50,000 in the next 48 hours.

Please stand up to Sen. McConnell and donate, $50, $35 or $15 right now to equip millions of activists with the tools to fight Obama!


We can’t let the Democrats destroy America. Senator McConnell may be willing to surrender, but we’re not. And John, if we’re going to stop Obama, we need to replace Democrats like Mark Begich (AK), Mary Landrieu (LA), and Kay Hagan (NC) with real conservatives, people who will fight tooth and nail to stop Obama and his “radical transformation” of America. That’s why we must elect REAL conservatives, not Obama-Republicans.

And John, that’s why we’re not backing down. McConnell attacked us because he is afraid of us. He knows what our network can do. He knows we can beat his cronies. He knows we’ll elect more conservatives like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.

But John, if we’re going to elect real Fiscal-Conservatives, we need you to donate $50, $35 $15, or more today!

I know you’re tired. I know you’ve put in a lot of hard work. But we can win.

Together, we can stop Obama, defund ObamaCare, and institute real conservative reform. But to do it, we must act now. We need you to help us raise $50,000 to train activists and stay ahead of the left.

John, you and I both know that we have a lot of work to do next year. It’s up to us to replace the RINOs and Democrats with conservative leaders who will STAND UP to Obama. We can do it, but I need your help.

Will you donate $50, $35 or $15 right now? We won’t let Senator McConnell intimidate us. Will you?

John, it will be hard. But, together we can do it.

In Liberty,

Adam Brandon

3 responses to “Senate Minority Leader McConnell declares war on conservatives.

  1. Freedom Works = Koch brothers

    Don’t rely on me, just look it up yourself and make up your own mind.

  2. Frankly I have a real problem with Freedom Works. They started out well but got too big and are paying people huge salaries. Remember the debacle when Dick Armey left and got paid about $500k.

    Is this where you want you money going? I say donate to NWOCC or SCF. Money much better spent.

  3. Charles Starry

    I agree that it is time to drive the “rinos” into the sea. I am sure that the back room deals over the shut-down will show their true colors. The pork flow will stagger the imagination. The bright side, true conservatives will be filling a lot of incumbent seats. McConnell needs his walking papers a.s.a.p.