Stainbrook appointee Hartley suspended from BOE

At the March 3rd Board of Elections (BOE) meeting, among other issues, there appeared to be a lot of communicating going on between LCRP Chairman Jon Stainbrook and his two appointees,  Hartley and Saferin.

On Wednesday, March 8th, Toledo Tea Party Chairman John McAvoy submitted a “Public Records Request”  asking for;

“A transcript of all text messages sent / received during the meeting.  Copies of all files and data that were sent, received, referenced, or utilized during the meeting. [ from the phones of Hartley and Saferin]…” 

Under the Ohio’s Sunshine laws.  Records or data transferred by a private cell phone while conducting a public service,  fall under the Sunshine laws and are indeed a public document.

To date,  Mr McAvoy’s request has not been fulfilled.

HOWEVER,  it would appear the Secretary of State Jon Husted made the same request.  From the letters issued by Mr Husted,  it appears that BOE Hall, Hughes, and Saferin complied with SEC Husted’s request,  but BOE Hartley did not.

As a result of not complying,  Sec of State Husted just announced that BOE Hartley is suspended form the BOE.   SEE HERE

Mr Husted characterized Hartley’s lack of response as “…emerging pattern of irresponsible behavior…”

In the other letter issued by SecHusted (SEE HERE) to break the tie on three issues,



One response to “Stainbrook appointee Hartley suspended from BOE

  1. Hartley – resign before public funds are used to investigate you and you are ultimately removed by the Secretary of State.

    Stainbrook – resign before Jane Timkin the State Party Chairman or the voters of Lucas County remove you in 2018.