Stainbrook declares War-on-Wagoners, nominates Mark Davis for Lucas BOE

WagonersStainbrook declares War on Wagoner’s.

Stainbrook has a grudge against the Wagoner family and is using Mark Davis as his pawn.

Mark Wagoner Sr. (right) who sits on the Lucas County Board of Elections, and Mark Wagoner Jr (left). who is the Ohio GOP State Central Committee Representative (SCC) for District 2 (western part of Lucas County).

Mark Wagoner Sr.

Stainbrooks war on Mark Wagoner Sr. began when he was appointed to fill the unexpired term on the Lucas County Board of Elections after Sec Husted fired Stainbrook and two other board members.  Mark Wagoner Sr.’s term expires this spring and it’ll be up to the Sec Husted to either allow Wagoner Sr. to continue or replace him with someone who is nominated by Jon Stainbrook.

Last year, Sec Husted rejected both of Stainbrook’s nominations as being more of the same, and to closely associated with Stainbrooks 6 years of  “dysfunctional” culture at the Board of Elections.

It appears that Stainbrooks current “nomination, Mark Davis, is just another one of Stainbrook’s allies. Davis’s reputation, even with his own Lawyer peers, is not very favorable.  In 2011 when Stainbrook recruited Mark Davis to run for judge, A survey conducted by Toledo Bar Association members, less than 10% of the members survey would recommend Davis as a judge. (click here)

Candidate —- Highly Recommended —- Recommended —- Not Recommended
Mark Davis —- 1.8% (6) —- 7.9% (26) —- 90.3% (298)

From that same year,  grievance was filed against Mr Davis for lying on his resume and Mr Davis

Mark Wagoner Jr.


Guess who’s on the Ballot running for Ohio GOP State Central Committee District #2!

Mark Davis is also an integral part of Stainbrook’s  War-on-Wagoners.

Stainbrook recruited  Mark Davis to run against Mark Wagoner Jr in the District 2 CC election.


2 responses to “Stainbrook declares War-on-Wagoners, nominates Mark Davis for Lucas BOE

  1. Mr. Wagoner Sr, has done an outstanding job in bringing a semblance of order to board of elections

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