Stainbrook gets his appointees to nominate him for BOE Director

Today’s Lucas County Board of Elections meeting was the scene of an all time low for Jon Stainbrook,  the person responsible for hijacking the Lucas County Republican Party.

In Today’s meeting,  Stainbrook  continuously texted the two members he had assigned to the board, telling them how to vote on the issues that were presented.

When it came time to nominate the Director,  Stainbrook associate James Hartley nominated  his boss, Jon Stainbrook.  This was immediately seconded by Stainbrook’s other associate, Bruce Saferin.

When the vote was taken (four times)  the two Stainbrook associates voted Yes,  but the two Democrat members voted NO.

4 member board Left to Right : (R) Hartley (R) Saferin (D) Hill (D) Hughes

James Hartley them embarrassed himself and the Republican party by reading off a list of grievances against Gina Kaczala (current Director) that Stainbrook had prepared for him.  Chairman Anita Hill chastised Hartley for doing this, stating that Kaczala’s name wasn’t even mentioned as a nominee  so why was he bad mouthing her?

When it became apparent that the board wasn’t going to approve Stainbrook as the Director,  Stainbrook had a Plan “B”.  He had his associate Hartley present the name of a Anson Bowe.  A quick search of the Voter Registration database revealed that Mr Bowe wasn’t even registered to vote in Lucas County.

When the two Republicans were asked if they ever meet Mr Bowe,  Stainbrooks associate Hartley said he meet him a couple months ago.   Associate Saferin said he had never meet him, but later in the meeting said he did.

How in the heck can these two Stainbrook appointees put forth a name for one of the most important jobs in Lucas County when they don’t even know him???

New rule proposed for the meetings: NO TEXTING DURING THE MEETING  Stainbrook Republicans say NO to this rule.

It was clearly obvious who was running the Republican portion of the meeting,  Stainbrook was constantly texting messages to Hartley and Saferin,  with head nods and hand gestures.  This became so distractive that Chairman Hill made a motion that phones were not to be used during the meeting,  This was seconded by Hughes.  When it was  put to a vote,  both Hartley and Saferin voted NO on this rule.  We fully understand why. After all, if they cannot use their phones,  how can Stainbrook give them instructions on what to do.


When the board is tied on a vote,  the question is differed to Sec of State Jon Husted to break the tie.

There are several issues from this meeting that will be forwarded to Husted for his decision.

Republican BOE Director nominee Bowe  and BOE Dep Director Scott.  Both of these nominations were tied votes and Husted will make a decision.

If you would like to talk to Jon Husted in person, and thank him for firing Stainbrook ,  the NWOCC is holding a fundraising event for him on Tuesday (March 7) Night.  You can Sign up HERE


In order to retake control of the Lucas County Republican Party,  we need your help.  Please fill out the contact form,  and indicate your willing to help get rid of Stainbrook and his years of destroying the Lucas County Republican Party.

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