Vote NO on Swanton Local School Bond / Levy

Swanton Local Schools has requested a special election on August 6th to place their dual Bond and Levy issues before the voter. For a $150,000 property, this means:

$660 annual Property Tax Increase

Why do I recommend a NO vote?

No Performance Audit, No Levy, PERIOD.

Unless the School board has conducted a Performance Audit,  they have not shown property owners that they have been making every attempt to utilize existing tax dollars in the wisest and most efficient manner..

A full blown, no stone unturned, Performance Audit will show board members and managers where they can improve, and where they are doing things right.  The State Auditors office conducts these audits, their current track record is a cost savings of $23 dollars for every dollars spent on the audit.

Whats on the ballot for Swanton School District voters?  One issue, you vote yes or NO.  This issue has two components that are a little confusing (to  me anyway).


***   BOND portion of issue

The bond is a 13.5 million dollar loan to be repaid over 35 years.  The loan will be repaid by raising your property taxes 3.9 mill property tax levy.  The $13.5 million loan appears to be general in nature, the Ballot language describes it as a

“… constructing, renovating, remodeling, enlarging, furnishing, equipping and otherwise improving School district Buildings and facilities and acquiring, clearing, equipping and otherwise improving School District building and facility sites…”

This item will mean a 39 cent increase for each $100 in property value.
$585 on $150,000 property.

***   LEVY portion of issue

This is a little more nebulous as to what the money is for, the ballot says ”

“… Acquisition, construction, enlargement, renovation, and financing of general permanent improvements…”

Is this a permanent, temporary, or does this levy expire in 35 years when the bond is paid off?  I don’t know?

This item will mean a 5 cent increase for each $100 in property value.
$75 on $150,000 property.

If this bond / levy passes, a $150,000 property will see an increase of:
$660 annual Property Tax Increase

ACTION ITEM – Attend the Swanton School board meeting

Thursday, June 27th
7:00 p.m.
Swanton Board of Education
108 North Main Street
Swanton, Ohio 43558

ACTION ITEM – Contact the Swanton School Board,  Tell them they need to cancel the Aug 6th election, and contact the State Auditors office and conduct a full blown Performance Audit. (READ HERE what a Performance Audit can do)

Swanton Board of Education Members

Kris Oberheim – President; Term Expires – 12/31/2013
Michelle Tyson – Vice President; Term Expires – 12/31/2013
Shannon Crow – Member; Term Expires – 12/31/2015
Mike McClure – Member; Term Expires – 12/31/2015
Rick Ueberroth – Member; Term Expires – 12/31/2013

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