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Separation of Church and State? No, Thank You.

Dr. Durant TTPDr. Romulus Durant, Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools was our special guest at the Monday night Toledo Tea Party meeting and he spoke to the group about a vision that he has for TPS which will positively impact the lives of the entire community.  While it is no secret that the membership of Toledo Tea Party has been active and vocal about what is going wrong at TPS, we also recognize a good idea when we hear it and as a people who are both vocal AND active we believe it is our responsibility to be part of the solution.  The solution here is an alliance between churches and schools.

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Let THEM Divide; Let us Unite

victory-mountain-142828841-300x199Make no mistake; the hard fought victories of November 4th are worth celebrating.  So many people set their lives aside to gain these victories for their states and our nation.  Every call made, every door knocked, every prayer spoken to the Lord all played a part.   We have much to celebrate on this sunny Wednesday morning.  With a NEW Senate, the gained seats in the House, the 32 Republican Governors, and the state legislative wins, the tide seems to be turning.  My fear is that while we bask in the glory of these AMAZING wins, those who have been awakened from their slumber will once again fall asleep.  While it would be easy for us to sit down in our recliners with our iced TEA or steaming hot TEA, the real work begins today.  The question is who will link arms and continue the fight?

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Representative Jim Jordan interview with Scott Sands talking about the Tea Party

Join Jim Jordan for dinner on October 28th.  Tickets on sale until 5 pm October 23rd.


Dinner with Representative Jim Jordan

JimJordan_1Those who love this nation and want it to flourish and prosper often feel like it is us against the world and there is no help or hope in sight. We go through election after election getting our hopes up that maybe this time, the person we elect will be THE ONE who stands up for us and our nation. Often our hopes are dashed-the promises made and Oath of Office becomes a distant memory, but Representative Jim Jordan is different. Continue reading

Passing the Torch

we the people conventionOn Saturday I had the privilege of attending the “We the People Convention” in Columbus, Ohio.  As someone who is deeply involved in the political process these kinds of events are necessary for encouragement, education, and fellowship because at times it is easy to think that there are very few who are active in the daily battle for liberty but in reality there are so many who have taken it upon themselves to “do something”.   As is the custom, Tom Z, his wife Nan, and the rest of the crew did an amazing job with the event.  The speakers were inspiring and are living examples of how to make a difference. The sessions with the Liberty Institute were jam-packed with information and education for every level of campaign involvement, and the closing ceremony was a call to arms which fired us up and gave the final charge for the battle that is before us. However, my greatest encouragement came on the trip back to Toledo.  Continue reading

Inaugural meeting of Toledo Tea Party

TTP_Sep_2014_7The Toledo Tea Party met last night 9/8/14 for the first time and we had a full house. It is often difficult to gauge the interest of people when putting a meeting like this together because there is so much that keeps everyone so busy in this life. However, apparently there are many people are concerned with the direction of our cities, states, and nation and they are ready to find out how they can take the little bit of time they have to make a difference. We had almost 60 people come through the doors and we now have many new members. Continue reading

A United Front?

GOP_logoI am not a fan of beginning an article with a disclaimer, but sometimes the circumstances of life force us to do things which make us uncomfortable in order to accomplish the intended goal.  Here we go-I am a real, dyed-in-the-wool, Republican.  I support pro-life, I am pro second amendment, pro-family, I support traditional ideals and small government.  OK…so now you are scratching your head and wondering why is there a need for a disclaimer, right?  Well, it’s simple really.  Some (most) who are in positions of leadership at the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) do not hold these Republican ideals as theirs, but rather hold contrary ideals.        Therefore, since I will be called out for not being a GOOD Republican due to the contents of this article, I thought it would be a good idea to present reality as…well…reality.   Continue reading