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Fulton County Ohio

Dinner with Representative Jim Jordan

JimJordan_1Those who love this nation and want it to flourish and prosper often feel like it is us against the world and there is no help or hope in sight. We go through election after election getting our hopes up that maybe this time, the person we elect will be THE ONE who stands up for us and our nation. Often our hopes are dashed-the promises made and Oath of Office becomes a distant memory, but Representative Jim Jordan is different. Continue reading

Toledo Tea Party passes 1,000 Facebook Likes

1000_LikesThank you Facebook fans for making Toledo Tea Party a success.

We promise we’ll work just as hard for the next 1,000 likes by continuing to be a royal pain in the behind of moderates and Liberals.

Help us in our efforts by doing a couple things:… Continue reading

Ohio Citizens PAC endorses Scott Allegrini

OhioCitizensPAC_LogoOhio Citizens PAC Endorses Scott Allegrini

“Scott is dedicated to protecting our individual liberty and freedom by restoring constitutionally limited government. He is part of a new group of Citizen Representatives who do not seek a career as a government employee but instead want to represent the values and interest of the people in his district. His courage and commitment to restoring our representative form of government has earned him the endorsement of the Ohio Citizens PAC.”…. Continue reading

NWOCC conducts poll on Rep Sears primary election

Toledo Tea Party just received a Tweet from a TTP subscriber who lives in Springfield Township. The Tweet said she just got a phone call on her answering machine;  something about Rich Iott may be running against Barb Sears in the May 2014 primary?…….  Continue reading

NWOCC welcomes Tom and Deneen Borelli to Toledo

(Toledo)  Hundreds of NW Ohio conservatives  converged on downtown Toledo to participate in the NW Ohio Conservative Coalitions biennial  fundraiser dinner.

Every two years, the NWOCC hosts a sit down dinner to allow Conservative activist from around NW Ohio to take a couple hours, sit down, relax, enjoy a good meal with good company, and share our experiences, our strength, and our hope with each other. Continue reading