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Lucas County Teenage Republican Club Endorses Mark Wagoner for Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party

Lucas County Teenage Republican Club Endorses Mark Wagoner for Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party

Campaigns are won by candidates who provide a better vision and plan for the future.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that on November 24th the Lucas County Teenage Republican Club unanimously endorsed Mark Wagoner to be the next Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party. “We believe that Mark is the best chance that we Republicans have for a brighter future in Lucas County,” said Zach Hall, Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Teenage Club. You can visit their Facebook page here. Continue reading

Lucas County redistricting

Board of Election sources indicate that on Tuesday, they will be voting on a new re-districting plan for Lucas County.  This will effect where you vote,  and possibly who you vote for.

There is a huge redistricting taking  place in the suburban districts.  The Board will be voting on  this Tuesday. If the board does not pass this on Tuesday the redistricting will not happen. Toledo redistricting will not take place until after the 2018 primary. Continue reading

Stainbrook appointee scheduled for removal hearings

Deja Vu – Stainbrook appointee Hartley was suspended from the Board of Elections last month after failing to comply with a request for information from the Secretary of State Husted.

Hartley has been scheduled to appear before a hearing to decide if he should be permanently removed from the board.

In a letter to Mr Harley  ,  SoS Husted said:

“… despite my consistent warnings that a return to the boards dysfunctional past would not be tolerated, you nominated Jon Stainbrook, an individual who has proven himself to be wholly unqualified to serve the voters of Lucas County…”

Read the entire letter HERE.  NOTE_ This document is very long and includes supporting documents for Hartley removal.

The hearing is scheduled for :

Friday, April 7th, 9am
Office of the Ohio Sec of State
17th Floor hearing room
180 E. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Stainbrook appointee Hartley suspended from BOE

At the March 3rd Board of Elections (BOE) meeting, among other issues, there appeared to be a lot of communicating going on between LCRP Chairman Jon Stainbrook and his two appointees,  Hartley and Saferin.

On Wednesday, March 8th, Toledo Tea Party Chairman John McAvoy submitted a “Public Records Request”  asking for; Continue reading

Stainbrook gets his appointees to nominate him for BOE Director

Today’s Lucas County Board of Elections meeting was the scene of an all time low for Jon Stainbrook,  the person responsible for hijacking the Lucas County Republican Party.

In Today’s meeting,  Stainbrook  continuously texted the two members he had assigned to the board, telling them how to vote on the issues that were presented.

When it came time to nominate the Director,  Stainbrook associate James Hartley nominated  his boss, Jon Stainbrook.  This was immediately seconded by Stainbrook’s other associate, Bruce Saferin. Continue reading

Sec of State Husted rejects Stainbrook / Gallagher nomination to the Board of Elections

Stain_LCRPSecretary of state Jon Husted rejected the nomination made by LCRP Stainbrook and Gallagher.  Stainbrook,  who was fired from the BOE by the Sec of State,  and Gallagher, who was fired as the Director by the board, had forwarded the name of Mark Davis as their nominee to sit on the four member Board of Elections. Continue reading

Ohio GOP asks Conservative Candidate to “Denounce” use of logo on their literature

OHGOP_DeclaresWarThe Ohio GOP’s war on Conservative Republicans took a weird and unusual twist today when the Executive Director contacted Republican candidates and asked them to “Denounce” the use of the Republican Party logo on their campaign materials,   WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT???

OK – This is weird, so follow along very closely,  it still won’t make sense. 🙂

Loyal members of the Republican Party running as Republican candidates for seats on the Republican Party State Central Committee are being asked by the Republican Party to write a letter that “denounces” the use of the Republican Party logo on campaign materials they designed and paid for.  (head scratching). Continue reading