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Robinson 4 Toledo Fundraiser

Over 50 people participated in the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) fundraiser hosted for Toledo City Council candidate Patricia Robinson.

NWOCC board members Linda Bowyer, Mario Goveia, Jeff Lydy, and John McAvoy hosted the event to assist Ms Robinson in her campaign.

A special thanks to former Senator Mark Wagoner, Dr. and Dee Talmadge (Republican State Central Committee District 2) and Mackenzie Watts (Ohio GOP) and Tim Monaco for taking the time to show support for Ms Robinson.

Thank you Andy Hesselbart for taking all the photos. Continue reading

Democrats attempt to re-write history by blaming soldiers for slavery

The Military and its soldiers are called upon by the government that controls them.  They take their orders from these leaders.

The Democrat party bears the sole responsibility for the most treasonous war in our history.  The Democrats in the south wanted to keep their slaves.  Republicans in the North said that all Men are created equal and should be free , not slaves.

Copy this meme. Post it everywhere you see an article about monuments being removed or destroyed. Lets not allow the Democrat Party to white wash history..

And the war began.  The Democrats fought to keep their slaves,  Republicans fought to free the slaves.

Democrats are attempting to whitewash history and refocus blame for slavery on the military.

Everywhere I see a posting or article about monuments being removed or military being blamed, I’ll remind people that the Civil war and slavery was not a result of the Military, the soldiers, or Generals.  The responsibility for Slavery and the Civil War rest solely at the hands of the Democrat Party.

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Lets place the blame for this atrocity where it belongs, squarely on the soldiers of the Democrat Party.

Pres. Trump’s Saturday statement on Charlottesville is on target!

Chicago, Illinois, August 14, 2017

On Saturday President Trump at a press conference stated unequivocally that “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides,” His emphasis on many sides was on target, because the instigators of anarchy and violence in the public domain have been Left-leaning protesters in recent combative and violent events.  The Leftist protestors assembled unlawfully under the guise of equality and call anything that does not agree with their narrative hate speech. Which they deem unacceptable and threatening to the helpless while trying to legitimatize their lawless actions. Continue reading

Jon Stainbrooks days may be numbered – THANK GOD

The Republicans for a New Lucas County announced today that former Ohio Senator Mark Wagoner will be heading up the effort to oust Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook.


Below is the letter released by the RNLC.

Want to know what you can do to help oust Stainbrook,  Please goto the RNLC Continue reading

Republicans showing true colors – Every one needs to have a Primary opponent

Ohio’s Republican voters have reached a breaking point and it appears once again will need to take matters into their own hands.  One web site,,  hosted by the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition appears to be putting into place plans to recruit and fund a primary opponent to Sen Rob Portman when his current term expires in 5 years. Continue reading

6th annual LIBERTY CAMP announces agenda

The 6th annual LIBERTY CAMP will be held July 10-14, 2017 9am – noon at Grace United Methodist Church, 601 E. Boundary Street, Perrysburg, OH  43551.

Fun activities each day with information about the political process.

Monday, July 10 – The process of presidential elections as spelled out by the Constitution, what is the electoral college, what is the difference between the electoral vote and popular vote, an examination of the Clinton/Trump results.  Jim Nowak who ran unsuccessfully for State Rep in the Toledo area will speak about his campaign and what it takes to be a candidate.  Of course EACH DAY has crafts, games, and music included. Continue reading

New Statewide Right to Life Group Attracts National Support

Since the announcement in March 2017, of a new statewide Right to Life organization in Ohio, Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, the newly formed organization has made enormous strides towards redefining the abortion and family-first strategy for this battleground state.  The group has already held two of five regional informational meetings to roll out their policy and guiding principles. Continue reading