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Trump center opens to serve Lucas and Northern Wood county

trumpcenterpburg_600GREAT NEWS for Trump supporters in Lucas and Northern Wood County.  A new Trump center to service all of Lucas county and the northern Wood county has just opened in downtown Perrysburg.

Stop by,  Diana Watt has thousands of Trump yard signs,  plus signs and literature for almost all of Lucas and Wood county candidates. Continue reading

Veterans and School Children read Declaration of In dependance

NWOCC_July4_2015_12_600The NW Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) held its annual Declaration of Independence Reading on Saturday, July 4th. Photos from the event below.

The readers

History of Declaration:
Luke  Christophersom  (8th grade)
Henry  Christophersom  (College Sophomore ) Continue reading

STEP 1 – 200 years ago – Declare your Independence – We will read it.

declaration-facts-wideAre you fed up with whats going on in our country and don’t know what to do?
Your first step should be to hear the words written 200 plus years ago, and you’ll realize these people were facing the same problems that we are today.

On Saturday, July 4th, at 10 am, You can hear the Declaration of Independence  read, in its entirety.  (This takes about 30 minutes) .  If you bring your children,  they will hear the words,  but may not understand them.  It will be up to you to later in the day explain what those words meant 200 years ago,  and how they are just as important today. Continue reading

Perrysburg group mails post card urging NO on Levy

PBurgPostCard1_SMALLMore and more, people are actively saying NO to school levys.

Last Week, the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition issued its endorsements and urged Perrysburg to vote NO on the School Levy.

This week, several of our members who live in Perrysburg reported receiving a post card from the “Taxpayers for a Better Perrysburg”.  This postcard also urged Perrysburg residents to vote NO on the levy.

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Candidates and issues are topic at October meeting

Latta_Jordan_1Although the October meeting focused on candidates and issues for the upcoming November election. One of the big announcements was the dinner with Congressman Jim Jordan. CLICK HERE for tickets and details.

The main focus was the upcoming election,  several spokesman for levies presented their  information and answered questions regarding their position on three School Levies that voters will face .  Springfield, Perrysburg, and Toledo.

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NWOCC / Toledo Tea Party needs help at Harrison Rally Days

NWOCC and BGSU RopublicanToledo Tea Party Activist – This is the perfect event for the entire family,  You’ll have fun,  AND, this event counts toward your “Activist” membership in Toledo Tea Party.

For the past several years,, the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition has had a booth and marched in the parade at the annual Harrison Rally Days.  We need to participate in this event to show our support for NWOCC and fellow conservatives .   Continue reading

Toledo Tea Party passes 1,000 Facebook Likes

1000_LikesThank you Facebook fans for making Toledo Tea Party a success.

We promise we’ll work just as hard for the next 1,000 likes by continuing to be a royal pain in the behind of moderates and Liberals.

Help us in our efforts by doing a couple things:… Continue reading